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 top earning apps in pakistan 2019
 making money is now very easy by making use of apps available which either let's you play games,takes surveys,refer in other to earn money

 And that is why I want to quickly show you money making apps in pakistan those apps I would make mention here are available to all (worldwide)

 that mean people from other countries can make use of it to make money

 Making use of those apps available to you, you either go in for surveys which pays you nothing less that $30 dollars per survey you take.

 what if you decide to take more than 7 surveys a day ?

  I would show you the killer secret of also making money with it quickly (be calm)

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tube buddy review

tube buddy review and how to use tubebuddy to level up your youtube channel even if you are a dummie

 you must be in search of a killer way to grow either your youtube views or your youtube subscribers and that must have made you made search using the following words

  • is tubebuddy safe to use 
  • how tubebuddy works
  • do tubebuddy worth it
  • tubebuddy for youtube
  • how do i promote my youtube channel

 And the likes of many other questions available

Don't worry, everything you need are put up in details for you

 a secret many won't let you know are also in my review

But, you must have seen a lot of guys ranking on youtube and amazingly ladies and thereby having thousands and millions of views on there youtube channel which in that process a lot of people would have no any other option than to subscribe to that channel

keyword research for dummies: getting profitable keywords

 you might have try getting that great result they had gotten and would have fail a big time which in process would lead you in finding out one way or the other to make sure you got ranked on youtube so you can also get the amazing results you have seen other youtubers get

below is a tubebuddy introduction for you (video)

And that brought tubebuddy in...

 I was exactly like you when I started my blogging journey trying hard to rank one post or video then I would end up failing to rank which in process do make me almost cry hahaha (seriously)

 You in your own case might be in search of a tool that would make your work more faster and easier that which tubebuddy is there to do for you

some time ago youtube has it own research tool and all of that but was being stopped because of one reason or the other

Let's dig into what you are here for:

  • what is tubebuddy foranything youtube
  • is tubebuddy safe and legal 
  • how to access tubebuddy

what is tubebuddy for youtube

tubebuddy is a website which provide help in setting up a youtube video and giving the best to it user in return

Which are:

  2. subscribers
  3. tools
 yes, views,subscribers and tools which would help you setup your video on youtube in no time

tube buddy review and how to use tubebuddy

 Note: tubebuddy only helps you to get keywords you can easily rank for on youtube and would also help you in optimizing your youtube videos in other to get you the best result

The more your views the more your subscribers

question arising among searchers:

  • how do i promote my youtube channel
  • how can you get more views on youtube
  • how much does it cost to promote your youtube channel
  • how do you get real subscribers fast
  • is it illegal to buy youtube subscribers
  • can i buy a youtube channel

 more and more things tubebuddy is being used for 

Continue reading or
create tubebuddy account now

tubebuddy pricing

 There are three amazing plans available on tubebuddy which you can ideally use (free plan not suggested)

 let's quickly take a quick look into those plans available on tubebuddy

Pro plan: these plan is best for newbie or people who are on a small project or short term work; the software allows targeting productivity and video optimization

 Which means even with the pro plan which cost $9 monthly you can make a good and targeted video using this tool 

 Star plan: this plan is also another plan available for people who are on a long term work e.g youtubers/vloggers 

 there are also amazing and great features available on the star plan, features like time saving tool,bulk video processing function (more not mentioned)

legend plan: legend means .... which is directly letting you know this plan is available for ...... but that don't mean you can't go for it

features of tubebuddy

 tag explorer: this check to find the best possible tags that would help improve your videos performance

publish to facebook: what an amazing and great features; formerly youtube has made such features available but got it removed due to some reason best known to them

 it can help you share your videos on your facebook profile timeline or business page

 quick edit toolbar: getting a more faster and more easier way to edit videos using the tubebuddy software

canned responses: giving out responses automatically would be a great way to keep your viewers more engaged

gift generator: generating gif for your videos to where it is suitable to use which would in turn give your video a better engagement

 best time to publish: tubebuddy also use it algorithm to find and get you the best time to upload for better engagement on youtube

 emoji picker: do you just see the word 'emoji' ?;, emoji picker is also available on this tool

 comment filter: getting and filtering comments available on your comment box
 it filters comments like:

  • remarks containing profanity
  • ones not yet responded to
  • comment which replies are disabled
  • comments that has specific questions
  • feedback with positive vibe  

comment notification: showing  you comments and allowing you to reply to it immediately

brand alarts: you are being notified when another brank in your niche upload a video so you can see what they are doing

video topic planner: this tool help you lay down plans available for your videos

auto translator: this translate videos for your viewers; which make your videos more engaged

search explorer: this also help you in getting more longtail keywords for your videos which in turn can be reviewed and checked by you

competitor upload alert: alerting you to know when your competitors upload a new video

channel access: having one or more person who you are managing your channel with or having to show where you have done a specific project to

how to access and use tubebuddy

 to get access to tubebuddy account you should simply go to there site and create an account and choose the $9 dollars plan or any other plan that suit you 

install the tubebuddy extension on chrome browser,that being done and dusted

it is time to make use of your tubebuddy account


 with this tubebuddy review and how to use tubebuddy to increase your youtube performance you would see a great change after making use of it on your youtube channel

here is the best money saving app in nigeria available for all to make use of and get what they had long being trying to have (no matter what it may be )

 Below are words people also search on google daily.

People also search:

 digital savings platforms in nigeria

 best piggy bank app in nigeria

 best saving app in nigeria

 online savings platforms in nigeria

 But you might have used another words in arriving here, but I don't care about what you have used in arriving to this blog

Do read..

Everyone want to save money right but here comes the problem with visible banks; you would end up going back to your bank and making a withdrawal of the money having the vision of returning such money soon and that is how you keep removing from your dear savings until you ruin it down again

 But lucky you here is the best app that would help you to save your money till the appointed time for you to use and would be given to you, during all the time when your money is under lock you have no way of withdrawing such savings because you already set a day for it to be release for whatsoever you want to do with it

And that app is the piggyvest app  which allows it users to save and get there money back in no time even with bonus when you register and activate your account which at the long run makes it more interesting

Before we continue let's take some things into consideration

register to piggyvest and get your 1000 naira bonus immediately

Showing you free traffic that make money selling in nigeria this is exactly the secret most guys are using to make sale the easy way

You can join obhiaba for free and make money daily

remember, this guide work than what you may be thinking of right now, I have used such and it had worked the best and super dupe way I want (sorry for my english)

Any way, if you really want to make sale then you have to read this guide all through

Make Use of 24 hours traffic

 i would show you how to make use of the 24 hours training and there is much proff that the 24 hours traffic would work for you

Here are steps on how to use the 24 hours traffic pro

1. get the 24 hours traffic for $2 and apply all strategies you learn from it

2. Make sure you apply to promote the 24 hours traffic pro and you would be approved once you are a member

3. promote the 24 hours traffic pro you get and rinse and repeat

With this method you are going to make use of the strategy in making sales where ever,when ever and how ever you want

tube buddy review: how to increase your youtube presence the easy way

 making sales through google traffic.

 yes, you can also make killer sales using google traffic, this is another way you can make sales in nigeria even making sales when you are sleeping 😊

 I use that in a killer way without wasting much of my time and it had being a great strategy available in the whole world

How can you get to use the google free traffic

I would be taking you through to also show you on how to rank a post on google and promote your product or service

Congratulations, that is only if you can pay for it ( not much)

I can take you through on how to rank on google to make sale at the low price of #5,000  which you can get at any other place today

if you can't pay that then make use of the 24 traffic guide

Conclusion on:

earn 1000 naira daily

You can earn 1000 naira daily doing this; how to make money online with N1000 in 2019/2020
i showed a friend this and he made 5k in a very short period of time prosper Noah of did it and he also made over 90k if they can do that then surely you should be able to do better

join obhiaba for free and earn

let's go

You might have used other words like:

  • how  to make money with #100
  • how to make #50 everyday 
  • invest #1000 

 here you don't need to invest up to 1000; but with 50 you are going to be making up to 50k monthly

Without wasting much of your time I would be showing you two ways to make 1000 or more everyday

And both are:

Nnu forum income and the jumia one app

Let's dive in right away


Jumia one app pays one thousand per person who register through your link and make a purchase

you might not want to believe but I have my proof to back it up so...

Check this image below

you see; since I am a heavy data user I do subscription when ever my data is about to finish

 you need more proof of this ?
I would surely show you all that you need to see and even show you steps to start getting yours easily
See this image below

 without wasting time I do quickly buy data or recharge card with it; you can even buy any product with that money products like: phones or anything available on the jumia app

I don't have to buy from my bank account anymore or even pay from my pocket money

Since I am a student and that is what I would continue to use as far as the jumia one app is available for use

But you need to buy your first credit of as low as 50 naira and get your first cash back

 Do you need proof of what I am trying to show you ?

Then check this out

 you need that; then download jumia one app and  buy your first 50 naira card and earn your first 500 naira


nnu forum income program:

nnu forum income is a read and get paid sites hosted here in nigeria which is available for all to join and make money from

 nnu income have being available for all also for a very long time but registering with 1400 you would  start making 1k to 5k or more daily

Here is just how nnu forum works...

steps to earn 1000 naira daily

 follow this steps carefully to make your first #500 naira using jumia one app

Click here to download the app here

go over to the signup page

register using your mail account

connect your bank card 

Buy your first #50 recharge card and get your first #500 free

Move over to the invite page and start inviting people to download the app once they download and get register and make there first purchase yoyou would make your 1000  per referral 

Remember you can buy any product on jumia one app using this method 

conclusion on how to earn 1000 naira daily : making money daily using the jumia one app had being tested and confirmed to work; register today and make money daily

 Here are referral programs that pays daily in 2019, making money online is a good way to earn but thinking of a way or which work to do so as to earn should be considered

I once write on how you can work online and get paid instantly but today I would be updating you on referral programs that pay real cash since it's being long i get you updated.

 anyway you are very lucky to arrive here since I would be showing you how you can make money daily doing one thing or the order and you know what "I have bonuses for you when you join those programs"

One of it is the vea affiliate program which give amazingly $5 five dollars per person you refer to join


Getting $5 dollars per referral is that not awesome hehe, you might not want to believe this but just take a look at the screen shots below

ok you are not yet satisfied, then this is another

Also read: work online and get paid instantly even without investment

Then what about cashing out your earning, do well to check the screen shot below

Is that not amazing ?, yea it is so without wasting much of your time I would be showing you the step by step guide on how to register to this program

referral programs that pays daily in 2019

I have always hope to get something that would pay me off without much work from my side and I got this which is just to earn by referring

how to register and earn $5 dollars step by step

I assure you to get the best when you register for the program

Fill in your details correctly, you would be taken to the checkout page where you have to add your card details, you may be debited $1 dollar which is know to be normal  (I was also debited too)

so make sure you have at least about $5 dollar so you can join this earning opportunity

it's is a 14 days trial meaning that you could cancel the training before the 14 days elapse if you don't like  it ,but if you want to continue then you had being billed $19.95 per month

 When you have registered and you have received a purchase receipt from warrior plus which shows you have registered successfully

causion: make sure you have registered using the link above to register or click below to register

next go to and get your affiliate link

take note that this is a referral programs that pay cash so it is advisable you follow this guide to avoid doing it the wrong way

tubebuddy review: how to access tubebuddy

conclusion on referral programs that pay daily : earning $5 dollars per person you refer using this my killer method to make money online should not be over looked so you can get the best you want.

nnu forum review 2019 and registration guide plus my free bonuses when you register through my link

 I do earn 1000 naira daily doing that and i am very sure you can get the best than I have done

 You can join obhiaba for free and make money daily

but before that what are the bonuses available for you when you register through me

 here are earning earlier made by a guy recently.

 and above that more and more guys had being giving positive testimony of them being paid

 Philip recently cashed out from his nnu forum account

 Another guy made some huge buk which he used to purchased a laptop

the screen shot below also shows top ten (10) boys/girls earning from nnu forum

when looking for referral programs that pay daily it is well known that nnu forum is one among them

You get approved immediately but it is advisable to use the paystack option

seo tutorial: yes, if you don't know the work of seo then I have to let you know how seo works, using seo to impact the search engine and showing on google first page for a keyword with it you could reach out to many in a very short time and promote your goods/products, services or affiliate links haha

 paypal account in nigeria 2019: paypal account are being used in sending and receiving money in and out of nigeria, but the bad news there is that nigeria had being blacklisted from using paypal (that is nigeria had being restricted from making use of it but with my guide you would learn how to create paypal account that send and receive in and out of nigeria which you in turn can charge people and create paypal account for them while they pay you

  content writing: hm, no internet or social marketer can do without writing content, non can do without it, so with my step by step tutorial I would take you through the ultimate steps that help you write amazing content and you thereby writing for people while they pay you for it yes, all these there bonuses when you register through my link

The nnu forum pack cost just #1400 but if you have not known anything about the program, here is the review


   in 2017 nnu launched it program called nnu income program which thousands of people register into and the admin push out millions of naira to people who work on it so if you have joined nnu income program then this is for you since you are allowed to transfer you earnings from nnu income to nnu forum with just registration if #1400 nnu forum review here are what you would be paid for when you do them as instructed. this forum earning are in two amazing categories

nnu forum review and registration guide

Monthly revenue shares (activities)

active daily login: you are being paid #50 per day when you login into the forum everyday with this you could be earning ..... monthly when you login everyday

 view forum topics: just for viewing forum topics you earn #10 per forum topic viewed when calculated monthly it should be .....

 relevant comments: when you put up relevant comment per post you earn #20 per comment made which would result to .... per month when calculated

Forum posting: this is my best earning trick since I can write a lot, for posting amazing content on forum categories you are entitled to earn #200,#500 to #1000 depending on how great you write those topics with this amazing activities I can make ..... every month for writing great and wonderful forum topics

 sharing post: here is another way to make money, earning #100 per post you share on your facebook timeline and with this you can make ... monthly for sharing post

Over to the second category which is affiliate commission here you earn 71.5% (#1000) per referral made by you if you are able to refer 10 persons a day here is the mathematic 1000 *10 = #10,000 wow, you would be making 10k per day referring people to the program you all know what affiliate means right. if no, you are an affiliate marketer when you sign up for a program so you can promote others people product using your own affiliate link once you become a member of nnu forum you are already a member since everyone are all paying same amount so with that being explained here is a little mathematic of your earning if you follow as instructed who are allowed to join nnu forum job seekers, bloggers, house wives, social media influencers, undergraduate, fresh graduate and every other persons who want to join (intact everyone)

 when do nnu forum pays
  nnu forum pays at the end of the month now remember my bonuses when you register through my link

Seo tutorial: for you which you can setup your own blog and start making money monthly when you apply the seo tutorial I would give you

  paypal account in nigeria: receiving and sending of money in and out of nigeria

  content writing: writing amazing and create content for people who in turn pay you for your work

 how to get the three bonuses

  register through my link

send me an email to oladokehinde@gmail.comor send me message on whatsapp along with your registration proff by sending screen shot before you register showing my referral name incomesite and screen shot after you complete the registration so what are you waiting for register and claim my bonuses which I am only giving to first 40 who register through my link those bonuses can't be gotten else where for free claim the bonuses now by using this link

how to withdraw from nnu forum without referrals

withdrawing from nnu forum is super easy but take note that you must have a minimum of five thousand naira (#5000) which would automatically move to your wallet

how to register for nnu forum

here is how to get yourself registered to nnu forum easily without difficulties

To register and claim my bonus click the link provided or the banner below and pay using the paystack option

Then send me your screen shot of successful registration and get my bonus

conclusion on nnu forum review:  with this review and registration guide available for you all with my free bonus but remember the longer you wait the lesser the opportunity you have since I would give this bonus to only 20 persons so I would advice you to act fast since many others are reading this post along with you

download jumia one app

download jumia one app and earn a whooping sum of #1000 per friends you invite

 and to let you know that you also get a sum of #500 when you make an activation, and with this you should be able to earn around #10,000 to 20,000 and above when you invite your friends and family to join jumia one app


    how jumia one app works

  Jumia one app is available for use in all ways , you can make use of the app in your convenience and pay for your tv cable ,internet,buying of phones and laptops,airtime and electricity bills payment

recharge phone on jumia one app

 yes,you have the opportunity to recharge your phone using jumia one app which is known to be fast,easy and reliable

Network such as Airtel,mtn,etisalat (now 9mobile),glo (the grandmaster of data) and any other you may think of 

cable tv subscription on jumia app

 you are allowed to make payment for you tv cables network be it dstv,tstv,iroko tv,startime and many more you may remember

 There are other super b things you can do on jumia app


shop online and placing bet

 possibility of buying anything online using the jumia app is 100% sure and placing bet which make things easier for individuals

 what you can also do on the jumia app are booking hotels,purchasing a flight or bus ticket, booking a ride,placing a bet and shopping online (which I have once stated)
Some more list.

  1. reading your favorite blogs
  2. buying movies and event tickets
  3. order food online
  4. And... the list is super endless

jumia one 5% casback bonus

 you are given 5% bonus on every recharge which can make you some buck when you recharge

 when buying a mobile data you also earn 5% on every data recharge


  how to make money with jumia one app

 if you want to make money with the jumia one app you have to download the app and invite friends and family using the option given

jumia one app referral bonus

 when you invite friends you are earning commission of #1000 per person who join in through you invite link

how to download jumia one app

To download jumia one app simply use the link provided above and register to get your cashback

how to pay for cable TV subscription on rubies bank

question answered!, how to pay for cable tv subscription on rubies bank

Just as you all know that the world keep advancing and that is really helping so you are here to read and understand how you can pay for cable tv with ease

 What is rubies bank ?

 rubies is a product of highstreet microfinance bank which was licensed under central bank of Nigeria (CBN) which definitely mean there is no cause for alarm since they are registered and licensed

how do rubies bank work ?

transferring of money and making subscription to channels had never being that easy but with the help of rubies bank you can subscribe to any channel like gotv,startime,dstv,tstv,iroko tv and many more

how to pay for cable tv subscription on rubies bank

jumia is giving out #1000 per person who sign up and buy something through your link join the other guys to make money

How to get rubies bank card ?

  1. download the rubies app 
  2. fill In your bvn (bank verification number),picture and signature
  3. sign on a white paper,snap and upload it
  4. request for your card

how to pay for cable tv subscription on rubies bank

  •  login into your account
  •  click on the paybills icon 
  •  click on cable tv
  •  select which cable tv you had like to renew
  •  fill in your details and complete your payment

 remember you need to have a rubies account to perform all this if you really want to  pay cable tv bills on rubies

that is all on how to pay for cable tv subscription on rubies banks

here is how to make money flipping domains, domain flipping is also a good way to earn money online though you have to spend some little amount of about $10 but worry not since I would let you know all about domain flipping and how to start it and make money

domain flipping meaning

 domain flipping is just about getting a domain at a lower price and then selling at a higher price, you may get a domain at $10 which i once let you know about that you would need about $10 to start flipping domains and you could sell out at higher price 

 note: there are risk attached to domain flipping (chill) but with this domain flipping guide you should be able to understand the in and out of domain flipping

  is domain flipping still profitable nowadays ?

  very much, domain flipping is profitably and would continue to be

getting a domain for example:

 and selling over to either a hotel or making use of it to create a website around, there are many reasons why people buy domains at high price since they know it value

 people buy domain name because of it merit and brand, a domain that has good seo merits in DA/PA can make you some bulk if it is found valuable

and below is a video that would take you through the better way

 domain flipping guide 2019

 in no time I would be taking you through on how to start and make money flipping domains, if you really want the best follow this guide

  caution: to get the best out of domain flipping you have to try and take your time to get the best from it 

let's start off

steps on how to make money flipping domains

 before thinking of buying a domain name you have to check to see if that name really worth buying, you can't just held to a domain name registrar and purchase a domain you are not sure if anyone would really want to buy

 I got some examples here, a guy needed a domain name so he would be able to teach all about importation he then got the domain name (which he later sold out 😜)
 he used that same method in getting more domains which he do buy and sell at higher price

he bought another using his own method

  •  you need to know words trending on the internet then listing them down

  •  move over to google trend and see how people search yearly

  •  check to see if one that is similar to it has being sold out using

  •  find a domain name that has the word in it and purchase it (you can use other words that can be pronounced and remembered quickly)

 how to get expired domain names

 getting expired domain names also can make you some cool money since people need expired domain name to set up a blog/website

Because they want there work to become more easier since they won't have to do much work on it by building trust if it where to be a new domain

how to find expired domain names

 there are different tools out there that you can use in finding expired domains 

 tools like justdropped,expireddomains and ahref, you can choose any of the tool you want but ahref is known to be a paid tool but you can get it for $7 for seven days in which you would be able to get enough domains before the seven days elapse

for me  used expired and was able to find a car domain which I know i don't need

To get expired domains from, i register to have a full access and move over to the deleted domain then there are list of domains which had expired but I can't take any because most domains there are spammed domains

tubebuddy review: increase your youtube presence quickly

 so i set my filter which is right above the domain list and choose domain with english in the dictionary table

Choose "no number in domain"
Set my minimum number of backlinks to 100 (you can increase yours for better merits)

Then choose domains that has the .com extension or any other (.org, .net and .com are most known extension to people)

 take note of those domain names and Start checking there spam score each , there spam score should be 0-nothing 

 then check to see if it has being ban by google adsense or deindex from google

 if all are ok 

That is a good domain worth buying
You can decide to park such domain name with godaddy, 1 and 1 or any other sites that allow such to make money 

conclusion: flipping domain is very profitable if you got a goldmine domain with you, and I am sure with this guide on how to make money flipping domains would help you in achieving the best.

 here are available apps to make money fast in nigeria that would make you some bulks when you make use of them

 Continue reading to see apps that pays in nigeria

 making money online is now what most people are searching for though through different ways

Also read: download jumia one app and earn when anyone signup and activate account

 but I would be showing you apps that pay in naira so you can also make money online in nigeria

 you can earn money on nnu forum when you read news comment and share post

App is the short form of application, app are being programmed and designed to perform and run what it is being commanded to do

 apps to make money fast in nigeria

  • jumia one app
  • foap 
  • screen play
  • slide joy 
  • naira app 

without going deeper here are apps to make use of and earn in nigeria

Jumia: jumia pays you #1000 per person who you invite to signup and make purchase you can download the app to start here

need proof for this ?
 No need to worry I would show you my proff which I recently got

Foap: being the first on the list, foap is an app that pays you for putting up images but which you have taken, not only images but along with videos, you simply sell your photos; it is not mandatory to give pictures of yourself and you earn $5 when ever a picture of yours are sold out

Screen play: this is another app that pays you when you make survey all you need to do is to install the app on your smart phone, you get some bulk per survey you make with the app and earn $1 when you refer anyone to join

Also read: download jumia one app: get cashback bonus on all purchase

Slidejoy: when discussing about apps that pays in nigeria, slidejoy is among the list ,getting paid to unlock your screen; viewing trending news

Moocash: another lockscreen again ? Yes,moocash work in it own unique and different way though being another lockscreen you get free mobile recharge, redeem your coins for money, giftcard and free talk time

conclusion on apps to make money fast in nigeria: making money daily can never be avoid or abandone and that is one reason you have to get to make money in one way or the other

challenges of blogging in nigeria

Here are the challenges of blogging in nigeria, i am not surprise to see a lot of people creating one blog or another though on different niche but that doesn't mean since all we want is just to start a blog and that is why I would be showing challenges bloggers do experience in nigeria

you might have used any of this words to search:

 but i don't care what word you use to arrive here, all I need you to know is how to blog in nigeria using your android phone or your laptop (PC)

what we are going to consider are:

 is blogging lucrative in nigeria

 in all work/business we can't say all business are profitable just because we see people venturing into it, and that also applies to blogging

when it comes to blogging in nigeria, blogging is profitable in nigeria if only you know the right steps to take

 since you know we have some bloggers in nigeria who earn well, here is the truth about them; they don't just start earning the day they start up there blog, they work for some time before they start earning

Linda ikeji being one of the top earning bloggers in nigeria, and some others who are among the top highest paid bloggers in nigeria and more and more in the blogsphere

  how to start a blog and make money

 starting a blog that generate some buck monthly you need a paid blog since you are looking forward to running a blog that generate income

there are many types of sites that allow users to create a blog on there platform

but only two are the most used and they are: wordpress and blogger (blogspot)

 how much does it cost to own a blog in nigeria

it requires little to something in setting up your own blog

let's check the cost of having a blog in nigeria, if you are really in need of a blog you have to choose of either setting up your blog on wordpress or blogspot

 wordpress: if you are looking forward to running your blog on wordpress platform, you would need about #7,000 to #10,000

 you can even setup a blog even with #6,000 on wordpress

you can create for free on

continue reading....

why that sum of money ?

your domain name e.g ( the name you want your site to use ) are being bought by you

 a domain name ending with .com cost #3,000 while domain ending with cost #1,500 and all other domain extension has it own price

 once you buy the domain, you have to renew it from expiring every year

 hosting: here is where your blog would be hosted on (the sever) which would make it accessible by users
cost: depend on hosting company.

But if you want to create for free it would be hosted on the site itself
while you buy a domain name to it blogger also known as blogspot is owned by google itself , if creating a blog on there platform all you need is just a domain name to make it a custom blog  since having a blog like this:  is not professional

that is when no domain is being match to it

how to create a free blog in nigeria

creating your free blog requires no skill, even if you have never done it before

all you need, if you want to create one on wordpress
simply visit

Click create account put in your email and username and the likes and finish up the setting

to create a blog on blogspot also comes that way but you should watch out to make sure the name chosen is available

how to monitize your blog in nigeria

monetizing a blog means putting or fixing a means of earning on your blog and to tell you;monetizing a blog is something we all should be able to do

you can monitize your blog in those way.

adsense: applying for google ads, once google accept your blog to show there advertisement, they would start showing ads on your blog and paying you if you bring enough users that click those ads being displayed by google

affiliate: promoting affiliate link on your blog, affiliate link being given when you create an account on a affiliate site

sites like jvzoo,warriorplus and many others

Sponsored post: when people contact you to put up a post for them, they pay you after you have create the post and get it published on your blog

selling product: if you have a product of your own, you can sell them using your blog

but there are challenges you would face as a blogger in nigeria

challenges of blogging in nigeria

yes, there are challenges surrounding you as a blogger in nigeria

they are: power supply, lack of seo knowledge, procastination and data plan

power supply: due to one reason or the other having a steady power supply is very rampart, some areas are not even supplied for days and that can make a very big problem in blogging

lack of seo: you can do away with this, have you ever wondered how people show on google page ?

that is the work of seo

showing on google means you are practicing seo which would also help in making money in what ever way you monitize your blog

 when you do your keyword research,write a well optimized content and do the rest must follow guide; getting a lot of traffic from google won't be a problem anymore

I can take you through that at just #5,000 message me now!! or you send me an email

procastination: promising to work on your blog day after day would never help you get the best which is known to be laziness

data plan: with the look of things in nigeria having a better data plan is not possible since even a data plan of 2.5GB (monthly) can be consumed in three days not to take blogging into...
that is bad, is that not ?

Conclusion on challenges of blogging in nigeria:

Yes those are the challenges that would you would come up with as a newbie and how to start blogging in nigeria, it is now your turn to write your views while I read and learn from you

keyword research for dummies

 here is my ultimate guide on keyword research for dummies but you might have use other word such as keyword research australia,free keyword tool or keyword everywhere

 but I don't care about what keyword you use in arriving here since all I would show you would be how to find easy to rank keyword for your next article and I bet you would love it and would like to read over and over again


 do you want to see proof to what am about to show you ?

 Then check this image below:

shh.... i would advice you to read this all through if you really want to be a pro in keyword research which would help you in getting best keywords for your next blog post

I was able to get the keyword used in this post by doing same thing, and after checking google the second day I was delighted to see my post already showing on the third page

Then I was assured that I can get to the first page in no time, and it worked !

I was also ranking my secondary keyword which is how to find easy to rank keywords on the forth page which would improve soon which I wanted to go for but later changed my mind because I saw it to be competitive

 before going for those keywords I do consider my domain authority before taking any keyword, if you can also increase your domain authority fast then in no time you would be able to go for more competitive keyword

 I also do write my seo optimized article so I can rank in no time

But with a new blog having a default domain authority (0-1)

You have to follow my guide
Do read...

but first let's take some term into consideration

what are keyword
keyword are search term a user use on google in order to get a particular information and there are two types of keywords

the short tail and the long tail keyword

short tail keywords are only two to three words like: best phone, top bloggers,most visited country

and there are keyword research tools which can be used in getting what people are searching on google

keyword research tools

there are countless tools used in doing keyword research for better and profitable keywords, the paid tool and free tools

premium keyword tools

these are tools you made payment for in order to have access to it for a period of time since they are known to be the easiest tools to make use of

tubebuddy review: tools that help in increasing youtube views

you either make purchase per month or annually depending on which you want

premium keyword research tools like

and many more

free keyword research tools

here are keyword tools you can use in getting what people are searching on google

note: free tools would never tells you a keyword is easy to rank

 Also read:challenges of blogging in nigeria that can affect you as a newbie

you may ask "why ?"

they would never tell you that "hey this keyword is an easy one to rank for"

to know if you can rank for it you need to analyze it yourself

tools like :

ubersuggest: ubersuggest was actually purchased by neil patel and that has being a great tool after he made it free,if you want to use the tool try going around it and see how it works to get long tail keywords put your seed keyword and search then click on "get ideas"

google: you might be surprise that "what google for keyword research ?", yes you can get long tail keywords using google auto suggest

Also read:how to write an seo optimized article

here is how it works

google auto suggest, keyword research for dummies
here is how google auto suggest works.

by writing some words and google complete it for you, you can also use some words at the beginning of the keyword words like: best, details for,how to, how is e.t.c

example: best ....


people finding guide to do something mostly do start with the word: "how to" at the beginning of the word

example: how to a , how to r


how to ...

________ :  is another killer keyword tool which all you need to do is just to input your seed keyword and it would bring out bunch of long tail keywords then you would take them and analyze them to see if you can rank for them

you have to remember that those free keyword research tool won't say "hey this is an easy to rank keyword" you have to analyze yourself to see if you can  rank it

and that is one of the reason why I love paid keyword research tool over free once

but you know what ?
not everyone can pay for those tools since it might be of high price for some,I don't know if you can afford it but you can use the semrush free trail

anyway,what if  i can't pay for the premium keyword research tool what can i use in doing my research for free

and that is where keyword everywhere comes in

have you ever heard or read about the extension before ?

if no,keyword everywhere is a chrome extension available for both android phone users and computer users (laptops included)

try and install the chrome extension into your browser all along with Moz chrome extension

what does these both tool does ?

keyword everywhere: this is a keyword research tool that shows

a keyword
the CPC
the competition of that keyword

but note
you don't have to follow the competition given because it is not for you but for advertisers

then what is the use ?

don't worry much you would see how to use keyword everywhere in doing keyword research and it would be fun for you while using it to do your research

steps to keyword research for dummies

  • choose your favorite keyword
  • find out long tail keywords
  • analyze google 
  • choose your keyword that fit your content
  • gather more relevant keywords
  • choose most easy to rank one 
Let's go !....

as far as you have the keyword everywhere and moz chrome extension in your browser, you are going to love every bit of it

now here is what you have to do move over to google type your seed keyword

e.g I want my next blog post should be about "how to build an helicopter"

I would simply use the word "build helicopter"


then search.   awesome!  here are what I got after I search for that




now you can choose any keyword you see there then search that

caution: read the following guide over and over again

when the page shows up,all you need to do is just to analyze the sites ranking on the first page of google since that is where you want to belong

now check the sites ranking on the first page of google to see if it has the keyword in there title

if no blog on the first page has it in there title,that is a good sign

check to see if the keyword is in there url, if non of the blogs on google first page has it in there url, that is also a good sign

check to see if the keyword is in there description tag, if no one has it on there description tag that is another great sign that you can rank on google

now do you see that no one is a dummie in keyword research

but that is not all

remember what we are trying to get ( an easy to rank keyword right ?)

what about the moz chrome extension here is where we would need to make use of it

most people can go along with such keyword without going further but for newbie bloggers or new blogs we have to take more things into consideration

there is still a merit we need to watch out for and that is just big sites

how can we do this

check to see domain authority and backlinks

check to see if you can get at least two sites on google's first page which has domain authority below 30

if all sites has da above 30 then it is advisable that you leave that keyword and look for another

also check to get at least two sites on google first page that has links below 30

I bet you if all those are found there is 60 percent that you would rank your blog post on google first page

now there are sites on google first page sometimes that has no strength to rank

so you can easily rank for such keywords if you find low sites ranking for it

sites like:
yellow pages
Q and answer sites
blogspot sites (which has no domain yet e.g
WordPress sites ( )

before we finish up I would like to show you some examples

let's look into it





paid keyword research tools

You can use any paid keyword research tool if you can purchase it ( i recommend semrush )


buy and play around with it since it is easy to understand

would provide you guides to use it

conclusion: now you see that there is no dummie in keyword research if you have follow these guide on keyword research for dummies no one would ever call you a dummie  when it comes to keyword research

but before you go i  would love to read your comments

questions are also allowed

do share

Here is my ultimate guide on how to generate Nigeria recharge card pin online, I have gone through a lot before i was able to get this and i bet you would love this method i make use of to get recharge card, data and any other subscription you need to make

You need proof to this ?

Then see this image below

you see; once I got it I make use of it immediately and get another make use of it immediately

 using this method i do earn 1000 naira daily by using that if I can achieve that then you can do better

See More screen shot below

you still need more of my proof ?

you see and immediately i pay with the jumiapay I got my data and I was being sent and email right away that I have used my jumia pay but yes that was exactly what I want


Yes,we all love free things right,i writing this also love to get free stuff when i see the opportunity, let's let the basket you can't get free things easily anymore and because of the hunt for free stuff many had fall for scam which i am sure you would never want to be a victim and if you were once a victim
you won't want to get into that again

Also read: Available website in nigeria that would pay you when you write articles for them

  So with this guide you get them all not free but at very cheaper rate and I mean it

You can even start recharge card,data plan and any other subscription business with it

  don't worry much i would show you how you can get it done any moment from now but all i need from you is just your attention.

Also read: simple step on how to withdraw from paypal in nigeria

let's start !

Some do ask question like: how can I print recharge card online ?

Can I get free recharge card pin generator
Before you can print recharge card online there are things you have to put into consideration
which are

  • which method can you use
  • how can you get them without getting into trouble
  • low cost sites that gives at low rate
  • can I get a free recharge card pin generator

 And that is why you will need to make use of jumia app

steps on how to generate nigeria recharge card pin online using jumia app

 why use the jumia app?

The jumia app is known as the best site to generate recharge card, data and also do any subscription you want

how can i start recharge card printing business, data bundle reselling business and subscription on jumia app

Let me hit the hammer on the nail,before you would be able to start  using the jumia app registration is free but you are expected to upgrade your account with the amount of nothing!  and after that you can start generating all recharge needed

sites that pay writers in nigeria:freelance writing jobs in nigeria

 this is what many never want to read or hear (the bitter truth) all they want to read and hear is:

Do this do that you would get it free

You can type one million and you get all you want

type 1000 hundred times to so so so and you get it

Then they see any word related to the once above they would quickly just into it and later when they find out that it don't work they jump into another

Big sis,big bro many had being deceived that way without them getting what they really want

Also read: work online and get paid instantly: things you can do and get paid online

  Anyway you are lucky to be here,i have not put your mind at rest by letting you know that you can get it for free

 You might be in need of recharge cards for all network, and also need Airtel data,mtn data,Glo and etisalat (known now as 9mobile)

But you are buying at cheaper rate all that is required of you is just for you to register in and upgrade your account then start generating all type of recharge at cheaper rate

Remember: registration is free but you can upgrade your account later


Hmm,am very sure you have lots of questions to ask why not drop them below

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