how to get referrals on nnu: understanding the referral bonus trick

nnu referral

do you know you can make money reading news and posting on Facebook but you should know how to refer someone to nnu
(how to get referrals on nnu)
I love that money making scheme but some thing spoil the show when I could not refer people to the program

You can move your nnu income program earning to the new nnu v2 forum click here to register to nnu forum

now how can you make more than 30k monthly from this said program (nnu income program)

if you are not yet a member then you can't be part in this until you join the money making plate form in Nigeria

now you can register and make more money

after registrating to nnu income program you can then think about making referral to nnu

How to  refer someone  to nnu income  program

Just don't have  to be in haste,every step have  to be  taken gradually or you would loss the prospect  to another person

When  i wanted  to join the platform I was like  "I won't be happy if my money  vanished  into  the tine air so I won't  register to nnu"

And that is what Manny other  people  are thinking equally saying  "you won't get  any thing back again because they are scammers"

Show  them people's  payments and explain  better  to them
Starting  from
Nnu login
Nnu comment sharing
And how it works
Minimum  of how much  you  are being  paid monthly

Where  to get people  that  would  register from  are:
1.bet9ja shops
(you may be the type that don't like going to betting polls) 2.facebook and whatapp
4.from your street

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but wait! there is more for you to do If you want to use facebook and whatapp you can use the following nnu trick to get and refer people to nnu income program First step is to join different whatapp and facebook group any group you find it link keep joining Don't try spamming on the group (avoid excess posting in a group) After you have joined whattap and facebook groups

NOTE: you can join many whatapp and facebook group as far as you see them appear and keep coming your way Caution:don't spam groups or you may be removed After joining you can post something like this Something short Time is money don't waste time checking profile pictures,you can make use of the time you spend online and make good cash If you wish to earn money posting on facebook,login,reading and commenting on news daily and be among next month payout If you need proof I can show you Chat me on this number 08099999999 If you post this or something as short as this in a group Let's assume you post something like this in ten groups out of ten groups not up to one group will remove you or query you for spamming

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But see the magic In few minutes after More than two or three serious people will private chat you out of three that chat you one will pay You need to have a whattapp & facebook group and give it a nice name

    But this is the secret don't share your group link to people any how Only give the link to serious people Or else your group will be turned upside down those that chat you from the groups that they want to know more after you have privately explained nnu income to them Move them to the group even if they don't want to register immediately it means that upon constant reminder and upcoming proofs of payment that they would join And finally how do you tell people about nnu How do you motivate people since motivation is the key to get referral Tell them words they will find hard to resist example: Am sure you belief not all online offer are scam and not all are ponzi scheme The platform am about to introduce to you is called nnu income program Lastly Shorten your referral link using Shortening your referral link will prevent people from registering to the program directly That is how to people through your referral link so your earning can increase quickly You can also get people to wakanda and other income program using this all time trick and tip 

 Do share!

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  1. I also let you know that nnu is real not a fake income program
    would drop review soon

  2. Pls am having difficulty registering someone through my refferal link.. Pls help me out..
    Bcoz am confused
    Also the coupon code does it have a time limit before it expires

  3. Pls I refer someone and they said the account is pending pls I need help because the person recharged in his phone 1600 just for it

  4. pls how do I register people in NNU through my referral link?