Monday, December 9, 2019

top earning apps in pakistan 2021

 top earning apps in pakistan 2020
 making money is now very easy by making use of apps available which either let's you play games,takes surveys,refer in other to earn money

 And that is why I want to quickly show you money making apps in pakistan those apps I would make mention here are available to all (worldwide)

 that mean people from other countries can make use of it to make money

 Making use of those apps available to you, you either go in for surveys which pays you nothing less that $30 dollars per survey you take.

 what if you decide to take more than 7 surveys a day ?

  I would show you the killer secret of also making money with it quickly (be calm)

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 The first app on the list would be appnana

 Appnana had being known as one of the best app that pays for all you do on the app ranging from watching videos to sharing links to your facebook account

You can download the app and use o30999886 to get your first earning

 also read: how to make money with warrior plus (working 100%)

As you can see below i recently downloaded mine and had made some nanas in a short time even without me being active

  And the most amazing part is that you can take surveys and get paid noting less than $50 dollars if you are really sure you want to take surveys

 you can decide to only follow people on Instagram and earn or playing games which ever you seem good to go for

 You can get your nanas using any method be it gift cards,google play cards or paypal

next would be the make money app

make money app: top earning apps in Pakistan

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

money saving app in nigeria: best way to save money in nigeria

here is the best money saving app in nigeria available for all to make use of and get what they had long being trying to have (no matter what it may be )

 Below are words people also search on google daily.

People also search:

 digital savings platforms in nigeria

 best piggy bank app in nigeria

 best saving app in nigeria

 online savings platforms in nigeria

 But you might have used another words in arriving here, but I don't care about what you have used in arriving to this blog

Do read..

Everyone want to save money right but here comes the problem with visible banks; you would end up going back to your bank and making a withdrawal of the money having the vision of returning such money soon and that is how you keep removing from your dear savings until you ruin it down again

 But lucky you here is the best app that would help you to save your money till the appointed time for you to use and would be given to you, during all the time when your money is under lock you have no way of withdrawing such savings because you already set a day for it to be release for whatsoever you want to do with it

And that app is the piggyvest app  which allows it users to save and get there money back in no time even with bonus when you register and activate your account which at the long run makes it more interesting

Before we continue let's take some things into consideration

register to piggyvest and get your 1000 naira bonus immediately

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

free traffic that make money selling in nigeria

Showing you free traffic that make money selling in nigeria this is exactly the secret most guys are using to make sale the easy way

Also read: how to make money with warrior plus (working %100)

remember, this guide work than what you may be thinking of right now, I have used such and it had worked the best and super dupe way I want (sorry for my english)

Any way, if you really want to make sale then you have to read this guide all through

Make Use of 24 hours traffic

 i would show you how to make use of the 24 hours training and there is much proff that the 24 hours traffic would work for you

Here are steps on how to use the 24 hours traffic pro

1. get the 24 hours traffic for $2 and apply all strategies you learn from it

2. Make sure you apply to promote the 24 hours traffic pro and you would be approved once you are a member

3. promote the 24 hours traffic pro you get and rinse and repeat

With this method you are going to make use of the strategy in making sales where ever,when ever and how ever you want

tube buddy review: how to increase your youtube presence the easy way

 making sales through google traffic.

 yes, you can also make killer sales using google traffic, this is another way you can make sales in nigeria even making sales when you are sleeping 😊

 I use that in a killer way without wasting much of my time and it had being a great strategy available in the whole world

How can you get to use the google free traffic

I would be taking you through to also show you on how to rank a post on google and promote your product or service

Congratulations, that is only if you can pay for it ( not much)

I can take you through on how to rank on google to make sale at the low price of #5,000  which you can get at any other place today

if you can't pay that then make use of the 24 traffic guide

Conclusion on:
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Monday, August 26, 2019

apps to make money fast in nigeria: apps that pays in nigeria

 here are available apps to make money fast in nigeria that would make you some bulks when you make use of them

 Continue reading to see apps that pays in nigeria

 making money online is now what most people are searching for though through different ways

Also read: download jumia one app and earn when anyone signup and activate account

 but I would be showing you apps that pay in naira so you can also make money online in nigeria

 you can earn money on nnu forum when you read news comment and share post

App is the short form of application, app are being programmed and designed to perform and run what it is being commanded to do

 apps to make money fast in nigeria

  • jumia one app
  • foap 
  • screen play
  • slide joy 
  • naira app 

without going deeper here are apps to make use of and earn in nigeria

Jumia: jumia pays you #1000 per person who you invite to signup and make purchase you can download the app to start here

need proof for this ?
 No need to worry I would show you my proff which I recently got

Foap: being the first on the list, foap is an app that pays you for putting up images but which you have taken, not only images but along with videos, you simply sell your photos; it is not mandatory to give pictures of yourself and you earn $5 when ever a picture of yours are sold out

Screen play: this is another app that pays you when you make survey all you need to do is to install the app on your smart phone, you get some bulk per survey you make with the app and earn $1 when you refer anyone to join

Also read: download jumia one app: get cashback bonus on all purchase

Slidejoy: when discussing about apps that pays in nigeria, slidejoy is among the list ,getting paid to unlock your screen; viewing trending news

Moocash: another lockscreen again ? Yes,moocash work in it own unique and different way though being another lockscreen you get free mobile recharge, redeem your coins for money, giftcard and free talk time

conclusion on apps to make money fast in nigeria: making money daily can never be avoid or abandone and that is one reason you have to get to make money in one way or the other
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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

challenges of blogging in nigeria: is blogging profitable in nigeria

Here are the challenges of blogging in nigeria, i am not surprise to see a lot of people creating one blog or another though on different niche but that doesn't mean since all we want is just to start a blog and that is why I would be showing challenges bloggers do experience in nigeria

you might have used any of this words to search:

 but i don't care what word you use to arrive here, all I need you to know is how to blog in nigeria using your android phone or your laptop (PC)

what we are going to consider are:

 is blogging lucrative in nigeria

 in all work/business we can't say all business are profitable just because we see people venturing into it, and that also applies to blogging

when it comes to blogging in nigeria, blogging is profitable in nigeria if only you know the right steps to take

 since you know we have some bloggers in nigeria who earn well, here is the truth about them; they don't just start earning the day they start up there blog, they work for some time before they start earning

Linda ikeji being one of the top earning bloggers in nigeria, and some others who are among the top highest paid bloggers in nigeria and more and more in the blogsphere

  how to start a blog and make money

 starting a blog that generate some buck monthly you need a paid blog since you are looking forward to running a blog that generate income

there are many types of sites that allow users to create a blog on there platform

but only two are the most used and they are: wordpress and blogger (blogspot)

 how much does it cost to own a blog in nigeria

it requires little to something in setting up your own blog

let's check the cost of having a blog in nigeria, if you are really in need of a blog you have to choose of either setting up your blog on wordpress or blogspot

 wordpress: if you are looking forward to running your blog on wordpress platform, you would need about #7,000 to #10,000

 you can even setup a blog even with #6,000 on wordpress

you can create for free on

continue reading....

why that sum of money ?

your domain name e.g ( the name you want your site to use ) are being bought by you

 a domain name ending with .com cost #3,000 while domain ending with cost #1,500 and all other domain extension has it own price

 once you buy the domain, you have to renew it from expiring every year

 hosting: here is where your blog would be hosted on (the sever) which would make it accessible by users
cost: depend on hosting company.

But if you want to create for free it would be hosted on the site itself
while you buy a domain name to it blogger also known as blogspot is owned by google itself , if creating a blog on there platform all you need is just a domain name to make it a custom blog  since having a blog like this:  is not professional

that is when no domain is being match to it

how to create a free blog in nigeria

creating your free blog requires no skill, even if you have never done it before

all you need, if you want to create one on wordpress
simply visit

Click create account put in your email and username and the likes and finish up the setting

to create a blog on blogspot also comes that way but you should watch out to make sure the name chosen is available

how to monitize your blog in nigeria

monetizing a blog means putting or fixing a means of earning on your blog and to tell you;monetizing a blog is something we all should be able to do

you can monitize your blog in those way.

adsense: applying for google ads, once google accept your blog to show there advertisement, they would start showing ads on your blog and paying you if you bring enough users that click those ads being displayed by google

affiliate: promoting affiliate link on your blog, affiliate link being given when you create an account on a affiliate site

sites like jvzoo,warriorplus and many others

Sponsored post: when people contact you to put up a post for them, they pay you after you have create the post and get it published on your blog

selling product: if you have a product of your own, you can sell them using your blog

but there are challenges you would face as a blogger in nigeria

challenges of blogging in nigeria

yes, there are challenges surrounding you as a blogger in nigeria

they are: power supply, lack of seo knowledge, procastination and data plan

power supply: due to one reason or the other having a steady power supply is very rampart, some areas are not even supplied for days and that can make a very big problem in blogging

lack of seo: you can do away with this, have you ever wondered how people show on google page ?

that is the work of seo

showing on google means you are practicing seo which would also help in making money in what ever way you monitize your blog

 when you do your keyword research,write a well optimized content and do the rest must follow guide; getting a lot of traffic from google won't be a problem anymore

I can take you through that at just #5,000 message me now!! or you send me an email

procastination: promising to work on your blog day after day would never help you get the best which is known to be laziness

data plan: with the look of things in nigeria having a better data plan is not possible since even a data plan of 2.5GB (monthly) can be consumed in three days not to take blogging into...
that is bad, is that not ?

Lack of niche research: many had made a big mistake by choosing a competitive niche and thus had being taken down in the web of frustration and are being discouraged 

With my research I got a powerful in  skill institute niche site

I have made a list of less competitive and yet profitable niches for the take

Conclusion on challenges of blogging in nigeria:

Yes those are the challenges that would you would come up with as a newbie and how to start blogging in nigeria, it is now your turn to write your views while I read and learn from you
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Thursday, May 2, 2019

online earning websites in pakistan without investment 2021

Here are the best online earning websites in pakistan without investment ,we all need a way to make money online but what way can we use in making the money we desire

we all have one reason or the other why we look for a way to make money online without paying anything, since many guys don't have money to start up

 Many other guys do says nothing comes easy which I believe to be through but we still want to get what we need

Online earning in Pakistan

The most common and easy way to work online and get paid is by finding a problem around you and solving the problem through one way or the other

Also read: Indian websites that earn the most:top bloggers in India that earn from google

One way to do this is by just being a freelancer

who is a freelancer ?

 A freelancer is a person that work online for people in return for money 

So here are sites in which you can work on as a freelancer

  1. up work
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. Guru
And many others around 

For instance:
Up work
It has numerous of people who are equally registered as freelancers

 When you have a skill that worth paying for you can do those things for people who need it

they are also earn money online in pakistan for students as far as you have the skills needed.

and here are also things that you can offer people while they in return pay you some sum of money

  • transcription 
  • graphic designing
  • journalism
  • web designing
  • Copy writer
  • Marketing 
  • search engine optimisation
And many more

Being an affiliate marketer,the below can be used by you to get paid into your local bank account in pakistan 
This below is an affiliate program but many others are out there available for you

This site is currently paying $2 dollars per referral which you can get easily or you can do freelancing jobs and get paid
Registration is free !

Click here to register to gigs4u

1. earn money online in Pakistan without investment typing 

There are many sites out there in the globe that pays you for doing data entry jobs or typing websites

2. make money online in pakistan with little or no investment blogging

you can also make money blogging and writing about what you love or showing exactly how to do one thing or the other

3. make money in pakistan through affiliate marketing

you can create an account with one of the top affiliate marketing sites, request to promote and start getting commission when someone buys through your link

4. make money through cpa offers in pakistan

   cpa is still a great way to make money online without investment, which just needs people to complete one thing or the other either by submitting emails, submitting zip code, downloading apps and other stuff

Also read: Top earning websites in indian:top earning India bloggers

HINT: you can also make money blogging


After you have read this awesome article on online earning websites in pakistan without investment so all I expect you to do now is to get to work and also be free from sites that want some money from you before you are being allowed to work with them

 do share

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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

how to get facebook likes free online: increase facebook likes for free

Hello reader out there,here is how to increase facebook likes free online and  it i promise you that after reading and applying the instructions you would get the likes,comments and shares without you having to request for it because I would also give you examples and once I have once used personally which works for me

There are many reason why we want to get facebook likes free and are enough reason why we  love getting likes on our facebook post

 There was a time ago when I always love to see more likes increasing everyday

There are many advantages of having many likes from fb but I won't cover all of that here
Do read:

Why do we need facebook likes and what are the advantages to it


  1. You in cure more friends who would definitely add you up 
  2. You make more interaction 
You can make more sales if you are a marketer (when you find opportunity to promote your product

And just many more that you may not know,you know why you need more facebook reaction from friends


 sometimes,you may be just alone without discussing with anyone then all of a sudden you burst into laughter or smile

still on the topic how to increase facebook likes free online

Someone around would be wondering what is making you to smile or laugh

What made you laugh should be able to make your facebook friends laughter and they would surely like the post 

If what makes you laugh is shareable do that by posting it on your facebook timeline then set the audience to public 

  Here are the facebook status that get attention which you can also use to grow your likes on fb 

  • All those small boys and girls coming to my inbox to say 'HI' i don't have any biscuit for you 
  • How to cross (your country's name) road,look left and right,look up and down, watch out for arm robbers,look up for airplane, hold your bag and cross in a zig zag way [this is how to cross a (your country's name)]
  • Who is available, let's get married today because it's urgent, I would explain everything to you during our honey moon 
below is another best way to increase facebook likes 

  • photosynthesis is made up of father,mother and their children ...nothing on earth can make me fail this one 
  • Respiration is the movement of goods and services from one place to another...thank you,I can still remember this also 
  • Your home work is from page 1-229...reply as a stubborn and rude student.
  • When ever I want to unfriend someone,I go to his or her timeline and unlike all my likes,unlove all my love,unhaha all my haha,unwow all my wow (rubbish)
but what about using images to get more likes 

Simply download any of the one below and share then adding a write up with it 

 You can also use the video trick

you can download the image which looks much more like a video and upload it,then you may write watch what happen after he did this,are you also a victim

Many people would surely try watching it and they would fall for your trick

that is all about how to increase facebook likes free online you can still get more of this examples by searching on google 'funny images' and bunch of them would be delivered within some seconds

Do share with friends
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