Saturday, July 11, 2020

giftnaija registration guide 2020: free bonus attached (paid service for free)

I would be showing you all about giftnaija here in this review since i am so sure you have hear or read a lot about incomes Nigeria programs

how you can make money from giftnaija

Register=#100 (you earn #100 immediately you register to the program)

sharing post= #50 per post you share

summiting entertainment=#100 (when you write and publish a post on the site you earn #100 per post you submit,if you are able to share more than it all depend on you)
Best of all
Referring= #1,000 ( if you can refer/bring people to the site using your referral link you earn #1,000 per person you bring to join

withdrawal is weekly
You withdraw your earnings weekly you have hear about zinoly,newspay weread and nnu income programs (which i would never advice people to join nnu because it is already being crowded by people and how would you join a programs that has too much members and still expect you being getting paid from them
The below image is a screen shot of payment received
Giftnaija registration guide would be giving you insight on how you can register to giftnaija income program easily
Just to simply register for giftnaija then save the page after clicking the link

you should then click on buy coupon code where you would see the "buy coupon code" available
Then buy your giftnaija coupon code and go back to the page you have previously save and use the coupon you buy to simply register to the program If you don't know how to go about it
You can simply send me a message at [email protected]

That is all about my review on giftnaija program since i already made it once available here
But wait! You can register to giftnaija without using the coupon code process

Click "create account"
Move down and Click "add to cart"
Click "proceed to checkout"
Fill the form with your
phone number
and any other thing needed
Then mark "I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions And click
"place order" to finish your creation of giftnaija account

Then send payment of #1500 to: osayande gift orobosa
Zenith bank 2083323085
Once you have paid the money you should then send your email address and proof of payment to: [email protected] and your account would be activated within 10 minutes
happy money making

To get the free bonus simply email me @ [email protected] with the word "need to register and claim the free bonus"

Good luck once again

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