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latest list of websites in nigeria that offer affiliate programs

Here are the top list of websites in nigeria that offer affiliate programs

Without beating around and returning with nothing,I would be showing you the best affiliate programs in nigeria 2019
nigeria affiliate companies that pays well
Not going to show you about amazon affiliate program and konga affiliate program

When searching on how to make money online through affiliate programs you expect the best
So here are my best income program in nigeria that pays daily, weekly or monthly

pay per click Affiliate program
Giftnaija income program

How they work

Share post=#50
Submit entertainment=#100
With a one time registration of #1500
click here to register to giftnaija
when finding affiliate program in Nigeria with high commission they are best to be listed among

Newspay income pack

Apart from the fact that you can withdraw your earnings without referral, here is another reason why I love newspay over nnu
You get notified over every new referral that upgrade his/her account.I got three three paid referral today anyway
All you need is hardwork

zinoly income
Don't dull it!!!,let zinoly change your experience online
Register for zinoly with a fee of #1,500 and withdraw over 20k monthly

Login: #50*30 days =#1,500
Earn:#100 sharing post on Facebook #100*30 days=#3000
Reading=#2 per comment you make
Viewing ads=#5 per ads view

wakanda program

Login=#50 daily
Nap/affiliate=#1,000 per person you refer

nnu income program package

Nnu brought there own way on how one can make money from there website and believe me,sharing post on Facebook timeline and doing there affiliate that gives #1,000 per person you refer to them

Registration of #1600

Blog9ja income program

Register on blog9ja today and make real money online while having fun with your smart phone,laptop,tablet or any other internet enabled device and from the comfort of your home,you can earn more than 20,000 monthly without stress just by reading,sharing,commenting and inviting friends to join which is there affiliate program
Daily reading of news #5
Sharing of sponsored post =#100
Invitation bonus=#100
Referral bonus=#1,000

Jumia affiliate

 You are allowed to register for free and you are being approved the next day (is that not awesome)
📌 while advertising using there wide range of banners available, there feed and there deep link generator
📌 you earn commission of up to 11% on all orders a customer make between thirty days (30 days) from clicking on your ads

this are the list of websites in nigeria that offer affiliate programs which are legit paying website in nigeria 2019

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