make money online in nigeria reading news

make money online in nigeria reading news

How to make money online in Nigeria reading news

make money online from Nigeria are being searched frequently when people are out there looking forward to learn how to make money online legitimately (without scamming)
you  got the chance to read news and earn money

one of these income site are free to join click here to register to obhiaba for free

click here to register to nnu forum and move your former earning on nnu income to nnu forum

 and because of that I would be showing you two websites that would pay you when you read news on there website

 you can also earn 1000 naira daily when you invest 50 naira in the jumia one app

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So I present to you this make money online program,nigeria read news and get paid sites (a read and get paid site here in Nigeria) Those income program was being setup recently to support people looking for latest income programs in Nigeria

 So here are the sites here one of which I made a review which i had once made availiable, In this you would be able to join the platform even if you don't know how to join income programs there review, how they works,if they are scam or legit(real or fake),are they paying,how to signup/register to both sites

i strongly advice you to join obhiaba for free

click here to register to obhiaba

still on:

how to make money online in nigeria reading news

Those both are no other than giftnaija and nnu forum v2

 let me start with giftnaija

giftnaija scam or legit

Giftnaija is real not fake since it is tested and trusted
the below image is a payment proof received recently
how to make money online in nigeria reading news
here is a payment gotten from giftnaija income program

how giftnaija works

Immediately you register to giftnaija you earn =#100 You earn =#50 when you share post on facebook You earn =#100 when you submit entertainment update You earn =#1,000 when you refer someone by using your referral link to refer people to join
Registration fee is #1,500 not

when do giftnaija pay

Giftnaija income pays weekly and the minimum amount you can receive weekly is #3,000 if you have any amount lesser than that you won't be receive your pay until you have up to #3000 before you can withdraw

since i am so sure you have hear or read a lot about incomes Nigeria programs
you have hear about zinoly,newspay weread and nnu income programs (which i would never advice people to join nnu because it is already being crowded by people and how would you join a programs that has too much members and still expect you being getting paid from them
Giftnaija registration guide would be giving you insight on how you can register to giftnaija income program easily
Just to simply register for giftnaija then save the page after clicking the link
you should then click on buy coupon code where you would see the "buy coupon code" available
Then buy your giftnaija coupon code and go back to the page you have previously save and use the coupon you buy to simply register to the program If you don't know how to go about it

That is all about my review on giftnaija program since i already made it once available some time ago
But wait! You can register to giftnaija without using the coupon code process by simply clicking here
Click "create account"
Move down and Click "add to cart"
Click "proceed to checkout"
Fill the form with your
phone number
and any other thing needed
Then mark "I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions And click
"place order" to finish your creation of giftnaija account
Then send payment of #1500 to: osayande gift orobosa
Zenith bank 2083323085

 Once you have paid the money you should then send your email address and proof of payment to: and your account would be activated within 10 minutes
If you don't know how to go about the registration you can simply message me on Facebook

giftnaija registration guide
I can register you for #1000 instead of #1500
meet me on facebook so you can be registered at #1000 only
That is all about make money online in Nigeria reading news

Now over to nnu forum v2

To register to nnu forum v2 click here to register

but before that here is it review....

It's call NNUForum (nnu V2)

I know you may have heard or even been part of the old nnu V1 and because of your experience with the system, you may not even wish to hear anything about it again. Pls DON'T

Just in case you never heard of it before,  NNU mean : Nigeria News Update. It's all about news update both within and outside the country.

Let me quickly tell you 5 good reason why you should join NNUForum (NNU V2) .


1. The Program Is Still A Virgin:
It's no longer news that those who get involved in the early stage always enjoy the trip and get the Lion's share. The best time to join NNU version 2 is now. Being among the first batch to reduce payment this month with or without referral is sweeter than honey.
To join, kindly use this link to register

When the first version was launched, the management paid members for over one year without referrals. The principle of "You must refer to withdraw" erupted when the platform became crowded. NNU V2 will definitely be better than version one in terms of consistency of policies. Don't be afraid, join now!

3. Many Persons Will Flood The Platform When They Start Seeing Proof Of Payment
So what do you think? Don't you think is better to join now and use your proof of payment to attract potential prospects ?

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4. Free Tutorship:
I have created a WhatsApp group specifically for tutorship. All my down lines will learn how to refer at least 5 to 10 persons daily and our average target is N50,000 each before December. We must hit the target! It is just based on determination. Join us now and take up the challenge. 50k can start a mini business for you or boost your existing biz. It's better now than later.

5. It Is Affordable(1,400 Naira Only):
Another important reason why you should join NNU V2 is that it is affordable and your chance of loosing is very low. People like affordable programs and this is an opportunity to leverage on people to earn tangible money.
You won't regret if you join now and start following my tutorship. Nobody join my secret tutorial group and regret. Stop sitting on the fence and board the moving train now!

This is In Summary

- Registration fee: N1,400
- Affiliate commission: 71.5% = N1,000
- Daily Login: N50
- View Forum Topics: N10
- Join Discussion: N20
- Posting Relevant Topics: N200 - N1,000
- Viral share on Facebook: N100
- Withdrawal Threshold: N5,000   Referral or no referral
- *Revenue share and payout every last day of the month base of activeness, membership duration and no members will be left out without payment.*

 Remember to click here to register

conclusion on how to make money online in nigeria reading news: after showing you the secret to get paid to read news online in nigeria doing little to nothing daily

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