March 2019

I would be showing you the awesome way on how to make a music video on your android phone and I am sure you would love and appreciate it I was once like you since I don't have a camera/video set to make a video then I got the urge to look out for a way to use my mobile phone to create a video and it helped me a lot after I have gotten it and I am not among people searching for how to screen record on android phone

 I would be showing you my best android app which I used in creating a video and seeing it you would hardly believe it is being created using a mobile phone

when thinking on how to make a video on my phone I do some research and found out that using DU RECORDE--screen recorder,video editor,live (it can be used for anything pertaining to images and videos)

learning how to make a music video on your android phone 

It may not even be a music video but you can still use what I show you here to create what you want !

 I was able to make a good video myself without the help of anyone and I don't have to pay anyone for it you also can create yours and then edit them the way you want


Features of the du screen recorder

  • you can adjust the video quality of your chosen video 
  • You don't have to root your mobile phone so you can use the app without having to root your precious phone 
  • You are using the app for free (you don't have to pay for anything) except you download the sound track that you can use in creating the video 
  • You can record what ever is showing on your android phone screen and you can use your phone main camera to record and use the app recorder to edit it since it has it own built in recorder,image editor and video recorder/editor 
The du screen recorder allows you to share your video immediately after you finish editing it,you can share your video or images to either facebook,whatapp,youtube and many more platforms

The real truth is that we all love to make/teach people how to do one thing or the other,we love to create comedy videos and the likes but how do we go about it

You may not have much money which you can use in creating the video you desire

 here is how I go about it,I simply download the app from playstore after the download you either do a screen record or you use your phone recorder to record what you want after you have recorded what need to be recorded you can then open the du recorder and edit it to your taste and work it out yourself and you would be surprise with the outcome

I was able to create this video using du screen recorder

 which DU RECORDER allows you to do are: add music,crop the video,add images to video,upload your edited video to youtube and many more features !

  conclusion: you have successfully learnt how to make a music video on your android phone and I hope with this you won't find it difficult creating a video yourself using your Mobile phone  

What do you think about it,and what question do you want to ask feel free to drop your comment

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Remember the nnu forum registration form would be like this

 Filling up the nnu forum registration form is easy than you think

 You start by putting information about you; firstly, your first name (surname)

then followed by your last name
 your email address
your phone number

 The next box showing the referral "incomesite" should be left untouched

the box that follows shows "account username, you are free to make use of your guy name ๐Ÿ˜‰

two more boxes that follows are the password box; put your preferred password in both (both password in the box should be the same as the other

Now what actually do you want to use in buying the nnu forum eBook and membership guide ?

There are two options available, the PAYSTACK option and the E-PIN option

 If you have a debit card (atm card) which you can use in completing your payment kindly choose the paystack option

but if you don't have a debit card then you can use the e-pin option provided

Then click on the I have read and agree to the website terms and condition

Now click "make payment"

 Now on the new page that opens should look like this if you are to use the paystack option

 Now click "pay with card"

Another page should open soon

 now take your debit card (atm card)

firstly put in the numbers at the front of the card where it is written card number

Then the card expires number which contains the month and year it would expire

Then turn over the card back and put in the three numbers available in the "cvv" space

then click "pay NGN 1,400"

 Congratulation, you have complete your registration to the nnu forum ebook and membership guide

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