Saturday, July 11, 2020

nnu forum registration guide 2021: nnu income login,how you can register and get approved under 24 hours

NNU forum registration guide 2021

my bonuses for you when you register through my link

here are bonuses available for you when you register through my link

paypal account: you would get a paypal account that send and receive in nigeria from me for free

Teach you seo: search engine optimization is a most for every internet marketers, so I would take you through on how to do seo yourself

content writing: I would take you through on how to write content for people and get paid for it

All this bonuses are for you if you register through my link

After you have register through, simply send me an email on [email protected] with payment proff and your username and I would send it to you right away

Now what is this nnu forum all about

 Without wasting much of your time, I would be showing you how to register on nnu forum and earn or transfer your earning from nnu v1 to nnu v2

So I would advice you to follow this guide and get registered easily without difficulty

Firstly click this link to register

Remember the nnu forum registration form would be like this

 Filling up the nnu forum registration form is easy than you think

 You start by putting information about you; firstly, your first name (surname)


then followed by your last name
 your email address
your phone number

 The next box showing the referral "incomesite" should be left untouched

the box that follows shows "account username, you are free to make use of your guy name 😉

two more boxes that follows are the password box; put your preferred password in both (both password in the box should be the same as the other

Now what actually do you want to use in buying the nnu forum eBook and membership guide ?

There are two options available, the PAYSTACK option and the E-PIN option

 If you have a debit card (atm card) which you can use in completing your payment kindly choose the paystack option

but if you don't have a debit card then you can use the e-pin option provided

Then click on the I have read and agree to the website terms and condition

Now click "make payment"

 Now on the new page that opens should look like this if you are to use the paystack option

 Now click "pay with card"

Another page should open soon

 now take your debit card (atm card)

firstly put in the numbers at the front of the card where it is written card number

Then the card expires number which contains the month and year it would expire

Then turn over the card back and put in the three numbers available in the "cvv" space

then click "pay NGN 1,400"

 Congratulation, you have complete your registration to the nnu forum ebook and membership guide

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  1. I hope this nnu v2 is better than version 1.

    I don't want to waste effort again.