April 2019

Here are list of nigerian sites that pay you to write articles for them,some do ask themselves question like: "how can I make money online by myself without investing

Any way I would be showing you sites in Nigeria that one can write for

here are freelance writing jobs in nigeria 2019 available for you

Being a ghost writer you get no credit for being the writer save only your money/pay

There are two types of writers I want us to take a look at right before we continue

1.ghost writer

2.guest writer

Ghost writer are not being given credit save only there money

Types of ghost writing

News letters
Social media
Speech writing
Medical documentation
Business report and record
Autobiography graphical ghost writing

Guest writing

   When you are a guest writer you get credit for being the writer and still get your pay for it

Not writing about all that though but here you would see sites you can get paid to write for

Article writing jobs in nigeria that are available for everyone who are able to put wonderful piece together

Here are six websites that pay in nigeria


   Being the first the list that we are going to take a look at,wepaywriters is a site that had gone from 0 writers to over 170 writers which they end up paying for articles which had being written by there writers

How do we go about this and write for them ?

If you are really and truly ready to write for wepaywriters.com,they had rule guiding there writers

website that allows you to generate recharge card in nigeria

You simply Just have to write an article of five hundred words (500) and send it to uniquecontentpro@gmail.com and you would be replied after checking to see if you are qualified or not

Always note this that when searching for nigerian sites that pay you to write articles you have to avoid something which might not make you get what you want and that is copying articles from another source,good writers don't copy other people's content for another

Write articles yourself !
So you can stand out from other writers around

uplift com ng affiliate account page: another money making site


  Here is a site for almost all bodies where you join the community of people who are looking for solution to there problem or looking for people who may need there services

What you can get or look for @post4solusion are

Writer & translators
Webmasters & seo
Web host ninjas
Vehicle specialist
Teaching & learning professionals
Spiritual professionals
Sales & marketing professionals
Programmers & developer
Business & finance

Developer tutorial

   Here is just yet another awesome way you can write for a website and make money online if you know much about programming

You can teach people who want to learn  thereby creating a means to earn from them

(Wow) women on writing

  Just as the name implies this site is strictly for women

Where they get someone to write for th em or they offer to write for people

Which means if you are a woman struggling to be a writer,it would be great joining them and earn writing stories, advice or even or even if you help someone out to become a writer and publish there work

Since women on writing are always looking for articles to publish,you can join in writing for them and get paid sharing personal or fiction stories,some piece of advice,write up and some more

let's simply check out the next on the list

Information guide in nigeria

 Are you talented and think you got what to share and make money

Here is information guide in nigeria paying writers for articles

You are being given what to write about paying you five hundred naira per article of one thousand words

When writing for infoguide nigeria you articles must be hundred percent (100%) original and plagiarism free

Writing in good english and being able to engage readers and make them move to action
Pakistani guys you may bump into this by chance by you also can make money online from pakistan



  To get a writing job in nigeria through makemoney.ng you should write to them via admin@makemoney.ng

 But here is a secret I would let you know about

You don't even have to search for site that pay people to write in nigeria,what you can do to get what you want

You can get people who need writers on there site from nairaland.com

All you have to do is create an account with them find a group where you are allowed to put up a topic related to writing and create a post that can look like this below:

If you need a writer who would write engaging articles for you,am available you can email me @writearticles@gmail.com
With that you can get people who are looking for writers around even when you are asleep

Why ?

Because nairaland is a big site on it own

Conclusion: after you have read nigerian sites that pay you to write articles 
You should be able to start with one listed above but here is a question for you:

Which one would you go for is it
Wepaywriters.com or information guide nigeria or you would use nairaland as a means of getting people to write for ?

List of top earning sites in India:adsense top paid bloggers in india

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Hello reader out there,here is how to increase facebook likes free online and  it i promise you that after reading and applying the instructions you would get the likes,comments and shares without you having to request for it because I would also give you examples and once I have once used personally which works for me

There are many reason why we want to get facebook likes free and are enough reason why we  love getting likes on our facebook post

 There was a time ago when I always love to see more likes increasing everyday

There are many advantages of having many likes from fb but I won't cover all of that here
Do read:

Why do we need facebook likes and what are the advantages to it


  1. You in cure more friends who would definitely add you up 
  2. You make more interaction 
You can make more sales if you are a marketer (when you find opportunity to promote your product

And just many more that you may not know,you know why you need more facebook reaction from friends


 sometimes,you may be just alone without discussing with anyone then all of a sudden you burst into laughter or smile

still on the topic how to increase facebook likes free online

Someone around would be wondering what is making you to smile or laugh

What made you laugh should be able to make your facebook friends laughter and they would surely like the post 

If what makes you laugh is shareable do that by posting it on your facebook timeline then set the audience to public 

  Here are the facebook status that get attention which you can also use to grow your likes on fb 

  • All those small boys and girls coming to my inbox to say 'HI' i don't have any biscuit for you 
  • How to cross (your country's name) road,look left and right,look up and down, watch out for arm robbers,look up for airplane, hold your bag and cross in a zig zag way [this is how to cross a (your country's name)]
  • Who is available, let's get married today because it's urgent, I would explain everything to you during our honey moon 
below is another best way to increase facebook likes 

  • photosynthesis is made up of father,mother and their children ...nothing on earth can make me fail this one 
  • Respiration is the movement of goods and services from one place to another...thank you,I can still remember this also 
  • Your home work is from page 1-229...reply as a stubborn and rude student.
  • When ever I want to unfriend someone,I go to his or her timeline and unlike all my likes,unlove all my love,unhaha all my haha,unwow all my wow (rubbish)
but what about using images to get more likes 

Simply download any of the one below and share then adding a write up with it 

 You can also use the video trick

you can download the image which looks much more like a video and upload it,then you may write watch what happen after he did this,are you also a victim

Many people would surely try watching it and they would fall for your trick

that is all about how to increase facebook likes free online you can still get more of this examples by searching on google 'funny images' and bunch of them would be delivered within some seconds

Do share with friends

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