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work online and get paid instantly

 Would show you how to work online and get paid instantly  it is well known that we can't do without making money either offline or online and that is why you would have to learn to make money online legitimately

 Being that I once used the word instantly does not show that you earn without working,you have to do some minor work before you can get the money you desire for

 there are legitimate referral programs that pay daily and that is that.

 Before I continue, I would take you through:
Why we all need money
What you can do to make money all with enough details to help you start up without having difficulty figuring how to start

People also search:

  • how to make money online for free
  • make instant money online absolutely free
  • free online jobs that pay daily
  • work online from home and get paid

and with all that many had being scammed of their hard earn money
Since what some people want is a way to get some money immediately online
But here is something you have to know 

You can do online legit work and get paid
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    Reasons why we want to work online and get paid instantly

 why is money so important, money is important because we want to buy what ever we need,money is so important because we want to buy a phone,because we want to buy a car,we need money because we need it in our daily lives,we need money because we can't do without it

 And that is one of the reason you have to learn how to make money online  without spending a dim

note: I am not showing you how to scam others of there hard earned money

but would be showing you how to:
  • earn PayPal money instantly
  • make instant money online now
  • how to make money online for free
  • earn paypal money online fast
 here are ways in which you can use to make money online but mind you,they are not the only one available rather they are the once i would be focusing on and they are the sure ways you can use to make money online yourself

And they are 
  1. domain flipping
  2. affiliate marketing 
  3. Selling your product
  4. app developing
  5. providing skill acquisition training
  6. blogging
  7. seo (search engine optimization)
  8. content writing
 Seeing all that have being listed above,they are eight in numbers which means you should be able to go along with one

While I would give you deeper details on each

domain flipping

 domain flipping is actually buying a domain name at lower price and selling at higher price and remembering what i  mention that you have to work before you can be paid,in domain flipping you have to register a domain and sell it to another person at higher price (don't be in haste all is available in this guide)

How much can you make flipping domains

 you can make as much money as you need all you are to do is for you to get the best domain name which people would be anxious to get from you

domain flipping guide

 To start domain flipping require little or no effort,you gave to get what people are searching for on google, get to know and be sure that people would be willing to buy it from you 

E.g people are searching for apps that pay in pakistan, you can decide to get a domain that looks much like that, etc depending on the extension you want to use but using .com extension is much better 

Then get over to people that has one app or even a blogger would be willing to buy it from you 

affiliate marketing

 Affiliate marketing is the process of earning some commission for promoting /marketing another person,company, service or product

That is you refer people to buy a product or service and in return you earn some commission for referring that particular person who bought the product or device

 To start with,you can get a better product or service to online and find a better means of advertising that product using any of the method listed below:

  • Email marketing 
  • Search engine ads (google,bing,youtube, yandex)
  • A blog or website
  • Social media platform (WhatsApp,facebook, youtube, Instagram,twitter, pinetrest)
  • Social media ads (facebook, Instagram,youtube)

 But you should try checking to see what promotion channels are allowed so as to avoid being in mess

here is a quick video on affiliate marketing and best way to start

Sell your product

 seeing the word "sell your product" might make you surprise and keep you wondering "would it be possible to sell my product /service online ?)

 It is very much possible to sell your product online and offer your services 

 You can do that by either your own website that specifically target the product or service you want to render

You can also get someone who has a website that target what you want to sell and contact them

App development

 it is much fun going for this since all you would be doing is just creating apps for mobile device,since people are all looking forward on getting more out of apps 

Even without knowing how to code you can still use available apps and website to create an app 

Providing skill acquisition training

 Hmm,here is another way to make money online training people

Here you have to get some skill which people can't do without online and they in return would pay you after you have teach them how to do that particular thing 

Examples are :
graphic design 
Web design
Copy writing
Translation and lot more

You then find a means to pro more them and get paid after or before the training


 Many guys had div along into this way of making money even without knowing the basics things needed

Blogging is not one you go into and expect to work online and get paid instantly

You have to wait patiently till it yeid up

To start with it,there are basic things for you to know and follow in other to get the better out of your blog which are:

How to write and awesome article
How to do your blog seo (search engine optimization)

Since it is well known that you can't make success through blogging without those things 

Anyway,i would be to teach you on how to do seo for your blog/website

I can also provide you with easy to rank keywords for your blog content message me on facebook if you need tutorial on how to do seo or to get easy to rank keywords at cool rate

Once all are set,you are then set to make money monthly from your blog 

(Seo) search engine optimization

 Doing seo for other people's blog/website is just another way you can use in making money quickly online 

 For example: if i don't know how to do seo for my blog,i would have to get an seo practitioner who would do the job for me while I pay him

It is well known that no internet marketer can do without seo and in that case i have made a well detail step by step keyword research here which can help you even if you are a dummie

remember: I can get easy to rank keywords for you,teach you how to do seo at cheaper rate (email me) or (message me on facebook)

The last but not the least

work online and get paid instantly

Content writing

Content writers are writer that write good content that trigger and make readers engage and take/move to action 

                  WRAPPING UP

After giving and ending the legitimate work online and get paid instantly guide,it is time to know your views

Would you go for: blogging or doing seo for people, sell your product or content writing

Simply drop comments below

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here are top earning websites in India
Seeing many websites around in india, I come to think of it that "which website earn the most"

 a lot of them had gone a long way in money making

make money and get paid instantly: works you can do online to earn 


 way2sms is a very popular indian's leading messaging platform,over 5 core users trust way2sms,about 1,500 users joining day by day

 Being Indian #1 sms platform allowing it user's to send sms for free,the most amazing part about this website is that it allows you to send voice message along (type your message and the site would convert it to a voice message and send)

Way2sms generate about $1.5 million yearly is owned by clickindia infomedia,who provide robust platform for advertisers to showcase their offers giving Indian citizens the chance to buy,sell products and rent or find something to buy

You are even opportuned to find jobs from the website

What you get are: new launches, syllabus, answer key,price list,exams and results,part time jobs and many more
The website generate about $1.5 millions yearly
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 a great organization with minimal growth opportunities


fantastic workplace helpful colleagues scope to learn newer things great flexibility on timings 


 No scope for growth, poor salary, favouritism at it's peak,higher prior to employees from premier institution 

The site also make about $3.5 million yearly is Indian's local search engine,provide best deals,shop online,ticket booking for flights.

 justdial is a cloud base solution,which can be accessed over cell phones and allows controlling and monitoring capabilities to business owners through a dashboard and are making about $5 million yearly

 not to write much about this,shaadi site is known best as a dating site that is being responsible for 3.2 million matches 


  a shaadi toolbar is available that makes accessing the site very easy and even alart you of new message right away 

reported to be Indians number one dating service provider as mentioned by it users 


Too much online ads (advertisement) is also known to generate about $5 million yearly

 wow, is said to be an online site where people get jobs from 
A user once write that:

I have switched two jobs and both jobs which I got are from only,so I am satisfied with what naukri offers

this site also generate it own revenue which is about $6 million yearly

what are the top earning websites in india

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 being among the top earning websites in world and India
Rediff is India leading website for the latest bollywood news,India movie,reviews,Indian music,you are allowed to sell your product when you follow the right steps.
The website ( generate about $40 million yearly

but there are top blog earners in india we have to take a look at

top 10 earners from google adsense in india since we can't do without having a quick glace at top india bloggers when we had shown top earning websites in india

here are the top bloggers in india who earn from google adsense

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Amit agarwal of

Amit agarwal in 2004 left his job at corporate world and started a tech and how to-blog and today he is known with his blog where he shares about computer software,tech,blogging and many more

Arun prabhudesai of

 arun prabhudesai is an internet addict and entrepreneur and is the founder of 

Where he blog about business, gadgets,tech and startup domains 

srinivas Tamara of

 He being a part-time blogger and a ui architect is an india and own the blog 
He teaches: he teaches tutorial on programming and web design 

jaspal Singh of

 Jaspal singh an india guy and blogger who own a blog (savedelete) where he blog topics on technology,gadgets,seo,product review,content marketing and many more 

Nirmal balachandran of

 nirmal a civil engineer and software engineer by profession 

He blog about technologies,windows 7,blogging tips and more 

Rahul bansal of

 The name "devilsworkshop" may look funny but there is no dopt that the blog owner is one among the best and well paid Indian blogger 

He blog about: internet,technology, blogging,seo,WordPress,social networking news.....

And the last..

Harsh agrawal of

 Yes,you must have come across this blog many times 
  harsh agrawal started the blog back in 2008 and being an awarding winning blog that teach about living a boss free life 

He blog about anything pertaining to "blogging"


With my list of top earning websites in India ,it is now clear that india has reasonable handful of successful website and bloggers

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Here are the best online earning websites in pakistan without investment 2019,we all need a way to make money online but what way can we use in making the money we desire

we all have one reason or the other why we look for a way to make money online without paying anything, since many guys don't have money to start up

 Many other guys do says nothing comes easy which I believe to be through but we still want to get what we need

Online earning in Pakistan

The most common and easy way to work online and get paid is by finding a problem around you and solving the problem through one way or the other

Also read: Indian websites that earn the most:top bloggers in India that earn from google

One way to do this is by just being a freelancer

who is a freelancer ?

 A freelancer is a person that work online for people in return for money 

So here are sites in which you can work on as a freelancer

  1. up work
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer
  4. Guru
And many others around 

For instance:
Up work
It has numerous of people who are equally registered as freelancers

 When you have a skill that worth paying for you can do those things for people who need it

they are also earn money online in pakistan for students as far as you have the skills needed.

and here are also things that you can offer people while they in return pay you some sum of money

  • transcription 
  • graphic designing
  • journalism
  • web designing
  • Copy writer
  • Marketing 
  • search engine optimisation
And many more

Being an affiliate marketer,the below can be used by you to get paid into your local bank account in pakistan 
This below is an affiliate program but many others are out there available for you

Commission: 300%
Cookie life: 45 days
3dcart is an e-commerce platform with a high center of attention on SEO. It gives you with all the tools you want to build, promote, and grow your on-line store. Users can use 3dcart to begin an online business, add a shopping cart to an current site, or substitute their cutting-edge shopping cart platform.
Affiliates earn a 300% commission on every referred client -- which is up to $687 per referral. Their affiliate application runs on both the Commission Junction and ShareASale networks, and both offer the identical commission and cookie life, so it is up to you to figure out which platform you like best.

HINT: you can also make money blogging


After you have read this awesome article on online earning websites in pakistan without investment so all I expect you to do now is to get to work and also be free from sites that want some money from you before you are being allowed to work with them

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