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keyword research for dummies: how to find easy to rank keywords

 here is my ultimate guide on keyword research for dummies but you might have use other words in arriving here which I don't care about.

 Yes, I don't care about what keyword you use in arriving here since all I would show you would be how to find easy to rank keyword for your next article and I bet you would love it and would like to read over and over again

Firstly do remember that you can get a keyword tool at cheaper rate (less than 8 dollars)

 do you want to see proof to what am about to show you ?

 Then check this image below:

keyword research for dummies

 settle down friend, i would advice you to read this all through if you really want to be a pro in keyword research which would help you in getting best keywords for your next blog post

I was able to get the keyword used in this post by doing same thing, and after checking google the second day I was delighted to see my post already showing on the third page

Then I was assured that I can get to the first page in no time, and it worked !

update: the keyword is now ranking on the second page, though i still see that to be ok by me since the keyword is somewhat competitive but I still find my way through to the top 40 easily and fast

Keyword research for dummies

 Just imagine a keyword having difficulty of 50
Take a better look below


I was also ranking my secondary keyword which is how to find easy to rank keywords on the sixth page which would improve soon which I wanted to go for but later changed my mind because I saw it to be competitive

 before going for those keywords I do consider my domain authority before taking any keyword, if you can also increase your domain authority fast then in no time you would be able to go for more competitive keyword

 I also do write my seo optimized article so I can rank in no time

But with a new blog having a default domain authority (0-1)

You have to follow my guide
Do read...

but first let's take some term into consideration

what are keywords

keyword are search term a user use on google in order to get a particular information and there are two types of keywords

the short tail and the long tail keyword

short tail keywords are only two to three words like: best phone, top bloggers,most visited country

and there are keyword research tools which can be used in getting what people are searching on google

keyword research tools free and paid

there are countless tools used in doing keyword research for better and profitable keywords, the paid tool and free tools

premium keyword tools

Grow your online visibility
these are tools you made payment for in order to have access to it for a period of time since they are known to be the easiest tools to make use of

tubebuddy review: tools that help in increasing youtube views

you either make purchase per month or annually depending on which you want

premium keyword research tools like

Grow your online visibility create an account to get a semrush tool for less than 8 dollars

and many more

free keyword research tools

here are keyword tools you can use in getting what people are searching on google

note: free tools would never tells you a keyword is easy to rank

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you may ask "why ?"

they would never tell you that "hey this keyword is an easy one to rank for"

to know if you can rank for it you need to analyze it yourself

tools like :

ubersuggest: ubersuggest was actually purchased by neil patel and that has being a great tool after he made it free,if you want to use the tool try going around it and see how it works to get long tail keywords put your seed keyword and search then click on "get ideas"

google: you might be surprise that "what !, google for keyword research ?", yes you can get long tail keywords using google auto suggest

Also read:how to write an seo optimized article

here is how it works

google auto suggest, keyword research for dummies
here is how google auto suggest works.

Below is a video on google auto suggest

by writing some words and google complete it for you, you can also use some words at the beginning of the keyword words like: best, details for,how to, how is e.t.c

example: best ....

people finding guide to do something mostly do start with the word: "how to" at the beginning of the word

example: how to a , how to r

how to ... :  is another killer keyword tool which all you need to do is just to input your seed keyword and it would bring out bunch of long tail keywords then you would take them and analyze them to see if you can rank for them

you have to remember that those free keyword research tool won't say "hey this is an easy to rank keyword" you have to analyze yourself to see if you can  rank it

and that is one of the reason why I love paid keyword research tool over free once

but you know what ?
not everyone can pay for those tools since it might be of high price for some,I don't know if you can afford it but you can use the semrush free trail

Watch this videos and see more on how to find easy to rank keywords

anyway,what if  i can't pay for the premium keyword research tool what can i use in doing my research for free

and that is where keyword everywhere comes in

have you ever heard or read about the extension before ?

if no,keyword everywhere is a chrome extension available for both android phone users and computer users (laptops included)

try and install the chrome extension into your browser all along with Moz chrome extension

what does these both tool does ?

keyword everywhere: this is a keyword research tool that shows

a keyword
the CPC
the competition of that keyword

but note
you don't have to follow the competition given because it is not for you but for advertisers

then what is the use ?

don't worry much you would see how to use keyword everywhere in doing keyword research and it would be fun for you while using it to do your research

steps to keyword research for dummies

  • choose your favorite keyword
  • find out long tail keywords
  • analyze google 
  • choose your keyword that fit your content
  • gather more relevant keywords
  • choose most easy to rank one 
Let's go !....

as far as you have the keyword everywhere and moz chrome extension in your browser, you are going to love every bit of it

now here is what you have to do move over to google type your seed keyword

e.g I want my next blog post should be about "how to build an helicopter"

I would simply use the word "build helicopter"

then search.   awesome!  here are what I got after I search for that

now you can choose any keyword you see there then search that

caution: read the following guide over and over again

when the page shows up,all you need to do is just to analyze the sites ranking on the first page of google since that is where you want to belong

now check the sites ranking on the first page of google to see if it has the keyword in there title

if no blog on the first page has it in there title,that is a good sign

check to see if the keyword is in there url, if non of the blogs on google first page has it in there url, that is also a good sign

check to see if the keyword is in there description tag, if no one has it on there description tag that is another great sign that you can rank on google

now do you see that no one is a dummie in keyword research

but that is not all

remember what we are trying to get ( an easy to rank keyword right ?)

what about the moz chrome extension here is where we would need to make use of it

most people can go along with such keyword without going further but for newbie bloggers or new blogs we have to take more things into consideration

there is still a merit we need to watch out for and that is just big sites

how can we do this

check to see domain authority and backlinks

check to see if you can get at least two sites on google's first page which has domain authority below 30

if all sites has da above 30 then it is advisable that you leave that keyword and look for another

also check to get at least two sites on google first page that has links below 30

I bet you if all those are found there is 60 percent that you would rank your blog post on google first page

now there are sites on google first page sometimes that has no strength to rank

so you can easily rank for such keywords if you find low sites ranking for it

sites like:
yellow pages
Q and answer sites
blogspot sites (which has no domain yet e.g
WordPress sites ( )

before we finish up I would like to show you some examples

let's look into it





For more about getting easy to rank keywords watch this video

paid keyword research tools
Grow your online visibility

You can use any paid keyword research tool if you can purchase it ( i recommend semrush )

buy and play around with it since it is easy to understand

And that is why you are Lucky to get a group buy seo tool

watch this video on getting easy to rank keyword
And try following instruction

would provide you guides to use it

conclusion: now you see that there is no dummie in keyword research if you have follow these guide on keyword research for dummies no one would ever call you a dummie  when it comes to keyword research

but before you go i  would love to read your comments

questions are also allowed

do share
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