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challenges of blogging in nigeria: is blogging profitable in nigeria

I am not surprise to see a lot of people creating one blog or another though on different niche but that doesn't mean since all we want is just to start a blog and that is why I would be showing challenges of blogging in nigeria

you might have used any of this words to search:

 but i don't care what word you use to arrive here, all I need you to know is how to blog in nigeria using your android phone or your laptop (PC)

what we are going to consider are:

  • how to monetize your blog in nigeria
  • challenges of blogging in nigeria
  • Concluding thought on challenges of blogging in nigeria


     is blogging lucrative in nigeria

     in all work/business we can't say all business are profitable just because we see people venturing into it, and that also applies to blogging

    when it comes to blogging in nigeria, blogging is profitable in nigeria if only you know the right steps to take

     since you know we have some bloggers in nigeria who earn well, here is the truth about them; they don't just start earning the day they start up there blog, they work for some time before they start earning

    Linda ikeji being one of the top earning bloggers in nigeria, and some others who are among the top highest paid bloggers in nigeria and more and more in the blogsphere

      how to start a blog and make money

     starting a blog that generate some buck monthly you need a paid blog since you are looking forward to running a blog that generate income

    there are many types of sites that allow users to create a blog on there platform

    but only two are the most used and they are: wordpress and blogger (blogspot)

     how much does it cost to own a blog in nigeria

    it requires little to something in setting up your own blog

    let's check the cost of having a blog in nigeria, if you are really in need of a blog you have to choose of either setting up your blog on wordpress or blogspot

     wordpress: if you are looking forward to running your blog on wordpress platform, you would need about #7,000 to #10,000

     you can even setup a blog even with #6,000 on wordpress

    you can create for free on

    continue reading....

    why that sum of money ?

    your domain name e.g ( the name you want your site to use ) are being bought by you

     a domain name ending with .com cost #3,000 while domain ending with cost #1,500 and all other domain extension has it own price

     once you buy the domain, you have to renew it from expiring every year

     hosting: here is where your blog would be hosted on (the sever) which would make it accessible by users
    cost: depend on hosting company.

    but if you want to create for free it would be hosted on the site itself
    while you buy a domain name to it blogger also known as blogspot is owned by google itself , if creating a blog on there platform all you need is just a domain name to make it a custom blog  since having a blog like this:  is not professional

    that is when no domain is being match to it

    how to create a free blog in nigeria

    creating your free blog requires no skill, even if you have never done it before

    all you need, if you want to create one on wordpress
    simply visit

    click create account put in your email and username and the likes and finish up the setting

    to create a blog on blogspot also comes that way but you should watch out to make sure the name chosen is available

    how to monitize your blog in nigeria

    monetizing a blog means putting or fixing a means of earning on your blog and to tell you;monetizing a blog is something we all should be able to do

    you can monitize your blog in those way.

    adsense: applying for google ads, once google accept your blog to show there advertisement, they would start showing ads on your blog and paying you if you bring enough users that click those ads being displayed by google

    affiliate: promoting affiliate link on your blog, affiliate link being given when you create an account on a affiliate site

    sites like jvzoo,warriorplus and many others

    sponsored post: when people contact you to put up a post for them, they pay you after you have create the post and get it published on your blog

    selling product: if you have a product of your own, you can sell them using your blog

    but there are challenges you would face as a blogger in nigeria

    challenges of blogging in nigeria

    yes, there are challenges surrounding you as a blogger in nigeria

    they are: power supply, lack of seo knowledge, procastination and data plan

    power supply: due to one reason or the other having a steady power supply is very rampart, some areas are not even supplied for days and that can make a very big problem in blogging

    lack of seo: you can do away with this, have you ever wondered how people show on google page ?

    that is the work of seo

    showing on google means you are practicing seo which would also help in making money in what ever way you monitize your blog

     when you do your keyword research,write a well optimized content and do the rest must follow guide; getting a lot of traffic from google won't be a problem anymore

    I can take you through that at just #5,000 message me now!! or you send me an email

    procastination: promising to work on your blog day after day would never help you get the best which is known to be laziness

    data plan: with the look of things in nigeria having a better data plan is not possible since even a data plan of 2.5GB (monthly) can be consumed in three days not to take blogging into...
    that is bad, is that not ?

    conclusion on challenges of blogging in nigeria:

    Yes those are the challenges that would you would come up with as a newbie and how to start blogging in nigeria, it is now your turn to write your views while I read and learn from you

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