apps to make money fast in nigeria: apps that pays in nigeria

 here are available apps to make money fast in nigeria that would make you some bulks when you make use of them

 Continue reading to see apps that pays in nigeria

 making money online is now what most people are searching for though through different ways

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 but I would be showing you apps that pay in naira so you can also make money online in nigeria

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App is the short form of application, app are being programmed and designed to perform and run what it is being commanded to do

 apps to make money fast in nigeria

  • jumia one app
  • foap 
  • screen play
  • slide joy 
  • naira app 

without going deeper here are apps to make use of and earn in nigeria

Jumia: jumia pays you #1000 per person who you invite to signup and make purchase you can download the app to start here

need proof for this ?
 No need to worry I would show you my proff which I recently got

Foap: being the first on the list, foap is an app that pays you for putting up images but which you have taken, not only images but along with videos, you simply sell your photos; it is not mandatory to give pictures of yourself and you earn $5 when ever a picture of yours are sold out

Screen play: this is another app that pays you when you make survey all you need to do is to install the app on your smart phone, you get some bulk per survey you make with the app and earn $1 when you refer anyone to join

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Slidejoy: when discussing about apps that pays in nigeria, slidejoy is among the list ,getting paid to unlock your screen; viewing trending news

Moocash: another lockscreen again ? Yes,moocash work in it own unique and different way though being another lockscreen you get free mobile recharge, redeem your coins for money, giftcard and free talk time

conclusion on apps to make money fast in nigeria: making money daily can never be avoid or abandone and that is one reason you have to get to make money in one way or the other

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