how to make money online with N1000 in 2020

earn 1000 naira daily

You can earn 1000 naira daily doing this; how to make money online with N1000 in 2019/2020
i showed a friend this and he made 5k in a very short period of time prosper Noah of did it and he also made over 90k if they can do that then surely you should be able to do better

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let's go

You might have used other words like:

  • how  to make money with #100
  • how to make #50 everyday 
  • invest #1000 

 here you don't need to invest up to 1000; but with 50 you are going to be making up to 50k monthly

Without wasting much of your time I would be showing you two ways to make 1000 or more everyday

And both are:

Nnu forum income and the jumia one app

Let's dive in right away


Jumia one app pays one thousand per person who register through your link and make a purchase

you might not want to believe but I have my proof to back it up so...

Check this image below

you see; since I am a heavy data user I do subscription when ever my data is about to finish

 you need more proof of this ?
I would surely show you all that you need to see and even show you steps to start getting yours easily
See this image below

 without wasting time I do quickly buy data or recharge card with it; you can even buy any product with that money products like: phones or anything available on the jumia app

I don't have to buy from my bank account anymore or even pay from my pocket money

Since I am a student and that is what I would continue to use as far as the jumia one app is available for use

But you need to buy your first credit of as low as 50 naira and get your first cash back

 Do you need proof of what I am trying to show you ?

Then check this out

 you need that; then download jumia one app and  buy your first 50 naira card and earn your first 500 naira


nnu forum income program:

nnu forum income is a read and get paid sites hosted here in nigeria which is available for all to join and make money from

 nnu income have being available for all also for a very long time but registering with 1400 you would  start making 1k to 5k or more daily

Here is just how nnu forum works...

steps to earn 1000 naira daily

 follow this steps carefully to make your first #500 naira using jumia one app

Click here to download the app here

go over to the signup page

register using your mail account

connect your bank card 

Buy your first #50 recharge card and get your first #500 free

Move over to the invite page and start inviting people to download the app once they download and get register and make there first purchase yoyou would make your 1000  per referral 

Remember you can buy any product on jumia one app using this method 

conclusion on how to earn 1000 naira daily : making money daily using the jumia one app had being tested and confirmed to work; register today and make money daily
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