Thursday, November 14, 2019

money saving app in nigeria: best way to save money in nigeria

here is the best money saving app in nigeria available for all to make use of and get what they had long being trying to have (no matter what it may be )

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 But you might have used another words in arriving here, but I don't care about what you have used in arriving to this blog

Do read..

Everyone want to save money right but here comes the problem with visible banks; you would end up going back to your bank and making a withdrawal of the money having the vision of returning such money soon and that is how you keep removing from your dear savings until you ruin it down again

 But lucky you here is the best app that would help you to save your money till the appointed time for you to use and would be given to you, during all the time when your money is under lock you have no way of withdrawing such savings because you already set a day for it to be release for whatsoever you want to do with it

And that app is the piggyvest app  which allows it users to save and get there money back in no time even with bonus when you register and activate your account which at the long run makes it more interesting

Before we continue let's take some things into consideration

register to piggyvest and get your 1000 naira bonus immediately

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