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referral programs that pay daily in nigeria

referral programs that pay daily in nigeria, make money online in nigeria using this simple tactics

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Currently there are more than ten ways to make money online but we can't go for all at the same time (or can you ?)

 Anyway would show you two sites to get free money from no investment needed, no skills needed

Let's start.

Inforib revenue program was actually launched today (1/05/2020) first day of the month of may 2020

Features and earning

  • free registration-no sign up fee
  • sign up bonus 1,000
  • affiliate/referral bonus - 200
  • ask a question-#5
  • Answer a question-#20
  • Publish article- #500

  All this for free

As you can see my screenshot below is showing my signup bonus

i strongly advice you to inforib program for free, no registration fee

click here to register to inforib


GIGS4FIVE is a freelancing agency just like metowork newly established, and to get more members they are currently carrying out a referral program,which is inviting people to register on their website and every verified invite gets $2 per referral, minimum withdrawal is 20$(7000Naira) its little but it's not so little register with this link below verify your email address and I get $2(700Naira)

Goodnews, approval of referrals earnings is just less than 2 weeks...so hurry.....its a win win for us all
It is free


Seize the opportunity now and make cool cash Its tested and trusted


Also ensure you log in and log out daily to be verified as an active user..you can also refer if u like money


Metowork pays people when the refer others to there site

earning nothing less than #2,000 naira daily 

The app is actually for freelancers and people looking for clients to work for but you can bypass all that 

You can create more gmail/email accounts and do self referrals to earn from it

how to make money with cpa marketing in nigeria using paybud

After you have successfully create your account 

Under the dashboard, click "share the love" and copy your referral link

create more gmail account and do the self referral 

 clear your browsing caches after each signup 

You can get paid daily 

other free ways to make money online

You are looking  forward to make free money  online  in Nigeria without  investment don't  worry much again because  i would show  you how to make money  online not caring if you are a student 

works online for free

Here are works you can do and make money online without spending 1:blogging 2: affiliate marketing 3: online surveys 4: web design 5: graphic design Here are things you can do to make money online without spending a dime

    also read:how to register to nnu.ng

Withou waisting much time,i would give a deeper details on how to make money through the list above


There is no need for you being surprise, many people had venture into blogging since it is a popular way of making money online with little investment or nothing

 And people create blog in order to promote there product or someone's product through different formats

2  affiliate marketing

Yea, a lot of people also are more ok doing affiliate marketing/joining one affiliate program or the other

There are sites in which you can register with and take permission to promote a  affiliate link you want

Doing seo: how to find easy to rank keywords: keyword research for dummies

flipping domains

 you buy domain at cheaper price and sell at higher price, there are things that make a domain name worth buying and I have put all guide available

Also read: how to make money flipping domains: is domain flipping and profitable

graphic design: designing amazing and beautiful images or logo for people and getting paid for it; nevertheless if you don't know anything about graphic designing you can make research and learn how to do it

web design: designing websites for people who don't know how it is being done, designing them takes little to nothing (all comes when you learn to do them)

Conclusion on referral programs that pay daily in nigeria: doing any of the once listed are ways you can make money online without paying
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