Thursday, May 14, 2020

How to start a blog and make lots of money blogging in nigeria

 Untold secret on How to start a blog and make lots of money blogging in nigeria; there is no big deal in setting up a blog, there is only one problem after the blog is up and running

And what problem is that ?

 you can hardly make money from your blog due to something you are missing out

Though there are ways to make money from a blog in nigeria which I have explained the best way I can


 This is one which i make use of; by getting an online product and taking it over to people who need it, that means it would be going over to people who want it badly 

 Forget about using your social media account to market your products or services those stuff do take much of our time

 To me I don't like making use of my social account to market products or services instead I make use of my blog to reach out to my targeted audience

 below is a screenshot gotten from what i once promoted (nnu income program)

 i get it over to the right guys who really want to join the program

 the below screenshot is also what I made from nnu forum after a week i promoted it

 What I simply do was to drive in traffic/views to my product then they get such product when they are ready to


this is another way you can make money from your blog when people get to notice your blog then decide to pay you to put up a advert post for them 


 making money from google adsense is also what most people make use of; that is you place ads on your blog and google pays you when due (24 of every Month)

Though getting google to approve blog become difficult but you can still get approval when you follow there rules (terms and condition)

 even if you get approval to place google ads you may still meet another problem

 prospernoah being one of the top bloggers in nigeria once says his google adsense dashboard always show  $0.0 not until he got what helps him to start generating a lot from adsense 

See his post 

He also made #158,000 from nnu income program

 then he start getting huge traffic from google in no time which made him a lot from google adsense

 the only thing that would stop you from making money from your blog is when you don't have visitors to your blog 

 if you have not created your blog you can take the first step by buying your domain and hosting


  I would be giving you my all time tutorial which made me around 100+ views per day with very few post

  but it would be very bad if i don't show you how I rank on google

So here is what you have to do click here to buy your domain and hosting

 Contact me by making use of the contact form or  message me through this link and I would take you through on how I rank blog post on google (a free gift for you after you buy the domain and hosting)

  And if you already setup your blog then congratulations, you are still a step ahead to making a huge traffic and that is what i would be taking you through for a very lower price

 Remember you can't get to start making money from a blog if you can't drive traffic/views to a blog

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