Monday, July 20, 2020

Bizo income program review: bizo investment

Bizo income program review

Bizo income program review
Bizo income program is just another killer money making sites as we  always do have them available

This platform was launched on 25/05/2020 which means the chance of making money from this program is high since it is a new program

So we would be seeing how this program works and how get ourselves registered to bizo income program

And how you can make money reading and getting paid for it

How Bizo income program work

 Bizo comes in it own unique way where they have two method of subscription

The silver package and the gold package

the silver package subscription

 subscription amount= #1000

Daily login = #50 

Sharing of sponsored post #150

That means you have make #150 each for each sponsored post your share on your facebook timeline

25% referral bonus

Making 25% per referral you make; and you are free to use any means to market the program

Gold package subscription

 Subscription amount= #2000
Daily login= #100 
Sharing of sponsored post= #300

Having #300 per sponsored post you share on your facebook timeline 

 25% referral bonus

Is bizo legit or scam

 Bizo income program is real and legit, the earlier you join the better so as to gain more ground over other that would be coming in after you 

And remember you can make withdrawal ten days after registration

Bizo registration guide

 To register to bizo income program click here to register and open another table then go to bizo page and meet a coupon code seller to buy your coupon code
Then go back to the tab you once open and complete your registration 

Good luck and happy money making

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