Friday, May 1, 2020

inforib revenue program review: make up to #10,000 to #20,000 monthly

Inforib revenue program was actually launched today (1/05/2020) first day of the month of may 2020

You can answer question and get paid in Nigeria and take note this is not a read news and earn money site like nnu and the others

Not to be surprise that many income programs had being launched in the space of two years and they all are sites that pay you to read news and also refer people to join for you to get paid ; the most saddest part is that you have to pay for registration before you are allowed to join them

But here is the good news......

 A new revenue program had being launched called: 'inforib revenue program' which is a free to join program site

This site pay people when they do simple task and the most interesting part is that you earn #500 when you put up a content ,ask and answer questions on the site

Since the site was created recently you can make up to #10,000 to 20,000 monthly

Features and earning

  • free registration-no sign up fee
  • sign up bonus 1,000
  • affiliate/referral bonus - 200
  • ask a question-#5
  • Answer a question-#20
  • Publish article- #500

  All this for free

As you can see my screenshot below is showing my signup bonus

i strongly advice you to inforib program for free, no registration fee

click here to register to inforib

Inforib scam or legit

To me I have nothing to loss since I join the program for free 

Click here to create your account
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