Tuesday, May 26, 2020

news9naija income program review


News9naija is an online news publication  website run by Ichie ICT Solutions (RC: 2990634) trading as the IchieGroup. News9naija started operations in August 2019 majoring in news Publication.
In May 2020, News9naija became the first major news publisher to run free adverts and user-focused affiliate/referral system in Nigeria. 
Refer to this to know more: https://www.news9naija.com.ng/how-it-works/

1. Register and activate your account with N500
2. Login to upload unlimited free adverts
3. Refer your friends and esrn N500 per person (you take all the money from your upline activating their account)
4. Payout is done every Friday: refer to this for how to withdraw: https://www.news9naija.com.ng/how-it-works/#elementor-toc__heading-anchor-4
5. There is no minimum referral limit before cashout, you can withdraw your referral earnings even if its one person you refer!
6. Visit the site daily, login, comment, etc to earn advertising credits
7. To feature your adverts on the featured section, simply pay with the advertising credit you have earn
8. Sell your advert credit to other users that want to advertise. Refer to this to k ow how to sell advert credits: https://www.news9naija.com.ng/how-to-sell-your-credits/
9. Referral is not required before you can sell your credits.
10. Refer corporate advertisers and sell your credits to them in exchange for the money they will pay
11. Dedicated page to sell your advertising credit :  https://www.news9naija.com.ng/how-to-sell-your-credits/  
12. Dedicated escrow system and admin to prevent scams arising from sell of advert credit: https://www.news9naija.com.ng/about-escrow/
13. Exchange your credit for cash at your own rate
14. Private messaging system  to message members or admins
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