Tuesday, June 16, 2020

how to start a blog and earn money in india (step by step)

want to learn how to start a blog and earn money in india in 2020 ?

Day by day new blogs are being setup by different person or people who are trying to put on an online presence

 You also can do that and start making money from your blog in a very short period of time

But first, this is what you should think of before starting your blog

 Do I need passion for blogging ?

 when I started my blogging journey, I had the passion to own a blog of my own and start writing just as others do

  So, you can find out what you love doing or what you know much about and try getting over to people who want to know more or learn more of what you already knows

 choosing a niche

  We can't just go ahead and create a blog and start whatever we think about in other to avoid getting stuck and dumping your blogging journey; if you take the wrong part and after one year you are unable to make anything, you can go into conclusion that blogging is not for you and because of that we have to take much care when choosing a niche (what our blog would be focusing on)

 can the niche make you money ?

 Then the question comes in " can i make money from this niche ?"

Before ever going to buy a domain name we have to take a look and think about what exactly you can sell using the blog; though most blog owners don't consider that since they do monetize there blog with google adsense but you can settle and check to see if what you would love to write about has things you can take over to your audience

 Can the niche make me money if i go into it,

 To know that you can simply check amazon to see if there are things related to what you would love writing about

 profitable niche that make money

With that I have made list of profitable niches you can go into by setting up a blog and focussing on any of it

Those niches has something you can sell apart from making use of adsense as means of monetization

Self improvement:  many people around the world today want to get the best either from there place of work or school as student who also want to improve academically

 You can take up the opportunity and write  targeting those set of people by writing in all areas where people usually have difficulties or challenges be it in school,office or home even as an elderly man or woman

 There are great books available on amazon which you can suggest they buy also while you get some commission when they buy them ( just make sure you give them things that would help them)

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self defense: according to wikipedia, self defense is the countermeasure that involves defending the health and well being of oneself from harm

 Now, take a look at what is happening all over the world where people are being killed with no cause

 people are searching more on how to defend themselves from dangerous humans

 You can build a blog targeting that aspect by showing them everything they need to know

 make up: this is another great niche which you can go into where you can discuss about anything related to beauty and any other thing related to to the niche

 There are more niches available:

  • apartment living
  • car maintenance
  • drawing
  • house and garden
  • learn new skill 
  • herbal remedies
  • laptop lifestyle
  • games
  • boating and fishing
  • bullying/cyber-bullying

 Choosing a domain name

 You can buy a domain name which matches what your blog is all about

platform to host your blog on

 setting upa blog you need a server where all your files would be stored including your videos, images and every other thing a blog can take

 So in that case i advice you choose  bluehost 

There features are: 

  1. easy to use for beginners
  2. official wordpress recommended host (great !)
  3. many integrations
  4. good security options
  5. low pricing (2.75/mo)
  6. load fast
  7. getting a free domain name

creating content on your blog

 Having successfully setup your blog you can then start writing your content and start driving traffic to your blog

Conclusion on how to start a blog and earn money in india
Having create your blog it is time to rank and take exactly what your audience need over to them and that can be done through writing what they want

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