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Top five high income skills that can make you a millionaire 2020

Top five high income skills that can make
 you a millionaire
Learning a high income skill is your ticket to financial freedom in this present world.
A high income skill is a skill that offers more financial security than a job, makes you work independently, delivers value to the market place and above all - it is a skill that you can charge a lot of money to deliver.
Here's a carefully compiled list of ten high income skills that you can start learning today:

1. copywriting

Copy writing is simply the art of creating text that converts your audience to customers. It is all about writing and advertising promotional content.
There is no company in the world that does not advertise.
Copywriting is a skill that is acquired by continuous learning and practicing.
You can start learning right away by downloading 'The boron letters' by Gary halbert.

2. content creation

Content creation is the contribution of quality information to any media. It could be in form of text, pictures or videos.
As a content creator, companies, blogs and magazines are ready to pay you to generate engaging contents for their audience.
In these digital age: content is king

3. digital marketing

Digital marketing is a very wide niche - it ranges from social media advertising to search engine optimization to content and email marketing
Businesses and blogs are willing to pay digital marketers handsomely - ranging from $1000 - $10,000 to help them rank high on google , grow their brand and sometimes manage their social media handles

You can learn to get easy to rank keywords by using the tutorial available there

4. public speaking

Let's take a look at some public figures in the world - top paid speakers
Tony Robbins - He charges 1 million dollars per day
Ophray Winfrey has a networth of 2.6 billion dollars
Fela Durotoye, a Nigerian public speaker, has a networth of 1.7 million dollars. I rest my case.

5. programming

In a world that has totally gone digital, programmers are the most soughted individuals.
Programming can be used to create website, softwares, robots and even automated cars. The possibilities are endless...
Most young billionaires in history were programmers - Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegal and Bill Gates who became a billionaire in his twenties.

how to learn this skills

You might be wondering "how can I learn a high income skill?".
Don't worry!!
There are lots of free resources online to learn this skills.
*Take free online courses from platforms like
- Udemy
- hubspot
- learn digital
- withgoogle
- Coursera
- edX
Note: some of this sites might demand a fee to give you certificate
*Follow blogs and websites that focus on the high income skill you wish to learn. You can sign up with their newsletter to get the latest info on that field.
* Attend both free and paid trainings hosted by an authority figure on your chosen high income skill
Emphasis on PAID. Most paid classes or online training hosted on WhatsApp or telegram give you access to a mentorship program
*Find a Mentor. Implement what they say and never quit.

In conclusion
Learning a high income skill requires time and energy. But it is totally worth it in the end.
They are many other high income skills that you can develop. Any skill that makes you valuable in the market place is a high income skill.
So what are you waiting for? Go and and learn one, and start making some cool cash.

Hello, that is from David. he a copywriter and also write premium quality contents for blogs and businesses. He is also interested in design and technology. You can reach out to him via [email protected] or visit his page by clicking here

Thank you

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