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Best Seo Keyword Tool For Ranking On Google

Best Seo Keyword Tool For Ranking On Google

Looking forward for the Best Seo Keyword Tool that would help you get the best out of your blogging career ?

If yes, then you are in the right page; after trying all that I can to get the best out of my blogging stuff I was at last able to get the tool that help me get the current performance I currently do get 

Though, I am looking forward to get more better results as time goes on, there are lots of keyword tools available which would help your seo journey and would equally get you results you can ever imagine.

With those tool I am going to share are tools that would help you see hidden keywords that your competitors are not targeting

All along with high search volume keywords, not the auto search stuff many do show you where at the end you do have to analyze google page for the keyword

 Don't quote me wrong, I am not giving the conclusion that manual research is bad; in fact I have used that method in ranking most of my blog post on google and I well give the tutorial which is still very much alive on this blog

 But those tool I am sharing here are once that would do 80% of the work for you while you complete the very little work you are left to do which comprises of writing your content, optimizing your content and promoting your content which is very much easy to do 


Another reason why I love those they are because they give better analysis of what you need exactly

 Without going too far, let me quickly show you those tool that contains the free once and the premium once

Free keyword tools

 There are free tools that are very much OK for your research stuff but would you please let me suggest the once I have personally made use of ?

Surely, there are lots of tools available for that but the once I would suggest are:

1. google keyword planner

 This is google very own tool, though this tool provide search volume but they don't provide the difficulty score which means you would have to work your time out trying to get a great keyword you can easily rank for

 Beside that, I must say it is a great tool; you might consider to try out

2. Keyword everywhere tool

  Keyword everywhere is a tool that shows the search volume of a keyword, CPC and the competition as at when it was being free to use (currently it is now a paid tool)

 Which along with also has it competition score which is nothing to talk home about .

 But still yet it still worth giving it a try but take note that after the tool turned a paid one it never again provide the search volume competition and CPC 

3. Ubersuggest research tool

  I made use of the tool a lot even though most time I don't have any intension of doing any research but I love playing around it

 Ubersuggest is also a great tool that also provide keywords search volume, cpc, and it competition even though in most cases the competition merit can mislead you in going the wrong way 

 Sadly, this very tool had being recently turned into a paid tool by the very owner (Neil Patel) 

It is still much of a great keyword you should try out !

All my best free research tool being shared, it is time to uncover the paid and yet powerful research tool I have ever advice every one to get there hands on .

Paid keyword research tools


 It is very much advisable that you get your hands on one of those great keyword tool


 They are easier to understand and make work more fast for you; than that of the free tools once mentioned.

And they are:

1. Semrush

 Being of the very best tool available in the globe today; this tool provide you keywords search volume, cpc and there competition with just few clicks and boom they are available to you

  You also have the opportunity of getting all data about a particular site

 It is also a tool you should try out, you can get there free trial 

2. Keyword finder

 In a space of time this very tool can provide you with keyword data and also backlinks data just as the semrush tool do 

 With just few clicks and the available data you need would be provided

 You can also go for there free trial and see how they work.

3. Long tail pro research tool

 Being the last on my very list , though i don't make use of it that much but it is a great tool since it provide merit such as cpc, competition and search volume and also provide a the ranking page analysis

It would be a very much tool to try out also amount the rest.

You can get the free trial

Conclusion on: best seo keyword tool 

 Having shared all that i have personally traid out and recommend it is now time for you to try them out and don't forget to let me know which one you are going to take a look at and which you don't want 

Have a great day !

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