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top 5 online money making apps in nigeria

  Are you looking for online money making apps in Nigeria to make money with? If yes, i got you covered here.

It might sound too strange to you, wow, are there really apps that in which I can make money from ? 

there are lots of apps available for that, but you should get this in mind that those apps might not make you rich, but am sure they will serve food on your table if you can play your role. So in this post,  l'll be sharing with you apps that actually help you make money online.

All you need to do is simply download the apps and start working.

NOTE: Any apps that requested you to register with a fee, please be careful because i don't really encouraged such apps because you may get scammed.

So, here am going to share with you the best apps that you can use on your Android phone and be making money from it.

That being said.


Anyways, there are some basic requirement you need to have before you can actually use any of the apps i want to share with you here.
1. You need a good Android phone
2. You need date connection
3. You need network
4. Your undivided mind.

That's all you need to start making money with any this apps in Nigeria.


1. Swagbucks:
Swagbucks is an app that let you complete variety of activities that let you earn money. Actually am a good user of swagbucks and it work best for Nigerians too.

And this app are available online as a web app and also a mobile app, all you need to do is go to google play store to download and register.

Swagbucks is a "SURVEY SITE" that pay with (SB COINS) and you can use this app on your Android phone and be making money daily with the app and is 100% sure for you.

This are the daily activities you can do with swagbucks app.
1. Watching videos
2. Taking surveys
3. Playing games 
4. Taking daily pollos
and many more.

Like i told you earlier, that swagbucks pay with points called "SB" which you can easily convert to paypal or gift card and you'll get your funds here in Nigeria.

2. Vtpass app:
Vtpass is a top up phone airtime and internet data. The app allowed you to pay electricity bills, renew TV subscription and lot more.

And the amazing thing with this app is that every transaction you make you earn commission, even if you transact 1000 times a day you'll be getting your commission.

And you can do a lot of things with this vtpass app, i once use the app to make some money and even till now and it still work well. You can go to google play store to download and register, once done, then top up your wallet and start earning commission for every transaction you carry out.

3. Jumia one app:
You should know what's jumia  one app before now, jumia is one of the online leading store in Africa, and this company as an app that you can use to make money with.

This jumia one app is one of the best when it comes to apps that make one money. All you just need to do is download the app and create your free account, then buy airtime of your preferred network either N50 and it could be MTN, GLO or any other network.

Then start inviting family and friends to join and active their own account, and once they do that, you earn N1,000  instantly as commission. And not only that, for any transaction you carry out with the app you also earn.

Go to google play store to download .

V Bank app:
V bank is one of Nigeria digital bank app with great number of features. This v bank app platform was launched by VFD Microfinance bank, i believe you should know the bank.

The company made it so easy for Nigerians to make money with their app, with this v bank app, you've a based salary every month and you could make up to N1,000,000 per month just by carrying out all your banking transactions with there app.

Cool right?

All you need to do to start  using this app for your banking transactions is to register and start inviting your friends to use the app for their banking stuff, and your account will continue to grow fat.

And the minium  salary you can get per month is N30k.

So, go and get there app install on your Android phone to start making some money with the app.

5. Foap app:
Foap is one of the most best app i like so much. This app allows you to sell beautiful images and in return make money while doing that.

And you could even be selling this photos to companies like GETTY image and many others. And you may want to ask. But who owns the photos i want to be selling on GETTY IMAGE?

it could be your pictures or you can purposely be taking awesome pictures of beautiful places and be selling them to make money.

This app is one of the top money making apps in Nigeria, and you're not required to do any much work than just selling photos and be making your money. All you need to do is go to play store to download the app.


l've shared top Nigeria apps that can make you money once you start using them, it now left in your hand either to take a step and give it a try or not.

You should know by now that making money with apps is not a new thing again in Nigeria since you've a good Android phone, all you need to do is to take this business opportunity shared with you here, and begin to implement everything.

Over To You,

what do you think about these money making apps in Nigeria? Is there any other apps i supposed to add to the list and is not on the list? Then share with me your though on the comment selection  below this post.

And don't forget to use the share bottom below this post to share with every one.

 that is from Osakwe Nelson Uchenna, a Nigeria internet marketer who is into blogging, freelancing writing e.t.c. Currently on his blog where he share tips on blogging and make money online tips; do check it out here

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