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night browsing code for all networks


Night browsing code

night browsing code for all networks available; yes, lots of people prefer to go in for the mid night browsing plan than taking a monthly subscription plan due to one reason or another .

 Mostly those who love to stream videos, download movies, games and many other things that is likely to consume more data 

 So we usually try to go for night data plan to avoid spending much on data plan.

 So it is better we go for the mid night data plan and that is one reason why I am sharing every midnight browsing code .

 Which are Airtel, mtn, Glo and 9mobile formerly known as etisalat

Starting from airtel midnight browsing code

#1. Airtel night plan code / airtel midnight browsing cheat

 Airtel being a network that offers the cheapest night browsing plan you can ever think of 

 Allowing users to subscribe to their plan as many times you ever want but can't exceed 4 times per midnight .

 Here is how it goes ...

 Airtel has this data plan called SmartTRYBE 2.0 which offers two category of data plan for only it's member

Which is as follow:

  • #500  -  1GB:  which can be used for a whole week (it is bad going for such since there is other way to get 1gb for a cheaper price )
  • #25  -  250mb: this is exactly what you need which can be done only four to five times .
 To subscribe to the plan, dial *312#
select 3 which gives 250mb for #25 .

#2. Mtn night data plan /mtn night browsing code 

 Mtn is not left out with there night data plan also, which also has some way as airtel works

 Which gives 250mb for #25 and 500mb for #50 which has being working since the year 2016 and one of the reason while i like mtn over airtel is that you can start browsing from 11pm - 5am unlike Airtel which start by 12am 

To subscribe to any of the plan you either text NT1 to 131 for 250mb, or text NT2 to 131 for 500 mb

#3. Glo night plan code / night browsing for Glo network

 After seeing that of glo night data plan. it looks more as if it was being discussed and agreed on (😉)

 #25 for 250mb also 12am - 5am
#50 for 500mb  same as the one above 12am - 5am 

#100 for 1GB for 5 days 12am - 5am 
Though I am yet to know if one can subscribe the following day .

1. To subscribe #777#
2. Select 1 
3. Select 1 (buy data )
4. Select 1 auto renewal select and two if you don't want to autorenew the plan
5. select 7 (weekend data plan )
6. Select which ever you want .

9mobile midnight data plan code /etisalat night browsing

 Hmm, this is not a way too good anyway but it is still available for those who need it.

 Which is 1GB for #200
 To activate this plan dial *229*3*11# which has 12 am - 5am validity

 Let's just stop here anyway,before closing the tab on this page kindly drop a comment below on which network you think is better and which you won't advice anyone to go for and reasons to back it up


is Airtel free at night : currently Airtel night browsing is not free 

Is airtel night plan still working : yes, as of know airtel night plan is still very much available to every user 

How can I get #200 for 1GB on airtel : to get the 1GB data for #200 , kindly go to the data offer page.

Which time is mtn night data: mtn midnight data start by 11pm and stop at 5am 

Conclusion on night browsing code: it is very much fun to either surf the internet or streem videos and maybe probably download movies and games but always try not to sleep off .


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