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bundledseo seo group buy tools has seo group buy tools at cheaper rate

 Every bloggers dream is to make money online but first we all aim at getting organic traffic from google by having our posts show on google first, second page most importantly google first page because we understand that user hardly visit the second page

 They either search on another key phrase before thinking of checking through the second page

  So you decide to look for the best group buy seo tools available at the cheapest rate

Click here to register to

 I am sharing this with you because i have made use of there service which is one of the best I have ever used. provides over 10 seo tools which are :

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • moz
  • Keywordtool
  • Alexa
  • Buzzsumo
  • Grammarly
  • Spyfu
  • Skillshare
  • Woorank
  • Serpstat

 All at a very cheap price

Advantages of using services

 There are many advantages of buying service

And they are: 

  1. Direct access
  2. 100% uptime
  3. Easy to use tools
  4. CEO support
  5. And many more

 How to make use of ahrefs through bundledseo service

 Click on the ahrefs direct access link 

seo group buy tools

In the box available put in your competitor's url 

E.g,, and many more are my competitors


  If you don't know your competitors, put in a word (keywords) that are related to your blog niche on google and search.

 Those ranking on google first,second,third and forth are your competitors.

 After getting your competitors url put it in the ahrefs box available and you would be provided with your competitors data 


Click on keywords and set KD to 0 search volume should be 100 (the more volume the better)

Now filter .

Keywords showing after that are keywords that worth you writing on to get traffic over to your blog

Conclusion on seo group buy tools : one of the best way to make money online blogging is just by driving organic traffic right from google and selling your goods or services

To quickly start getting the best it is much more good to get an seo tool that would help you get the best

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nigerian sites that pay you to write articles: write for us and get paid nigeria

Here are list of nigerian sites that pay you to write articles for them,some do ask themselves question like: "how can I make money online by myself without investing

Any way I would be showing you sites in nigeria that one can write for
Since you don't really need to learn how to make money writing articles in nigeria " your work only speak for you" all you need are sites that would pay you to write.

here are freelance writing jobs in nigeria 2020 available for you; write and earn money in nigeria

Being a ghost writer you get no credit for being the writer save only your money/pay

There are two types of writers I want us to take a look at right before we continue

1.ghost writer

2.guest writer

Ghost writer are not being given credit save only there money

Types of ghost writing

News letters
Social media
Speech writing
Medical documentation
Business report and record
Autobiography graphical ghost writing

Guest writing

   When you are a guest writer you get credit for being the writer and still get your pay for it

Not writing about all that though but here you would see sites you can get paid to write for

Article writing jobs in nigeria that are available for everyone who are able to put wonderful piece together

Here are six websites that pay in nigeria


   Being the first on the list that we are going to take a look at,wepaywriters is a site that had gone from 0 writers to over 170 writers which they end up paying for articles which had being written by there writers

How do we go about this and write for them ?

If you are really and truly ready to write for,they had rule guiding there writers

Also read: guarantee downline club review and sign up guide

You simply Just have to write an article of five hundred words (500) and send it to [email protected] and you would be replied after checking to see if you are qualified or not

Always note this that when searching for nigerian sites that pay you to write articles you have to avoid something which might not make you get what you want and that is copying articles from another source,good writers don't copy other people's content for another

Write articles yourself !
So you can stand out from other writers around

2. Post4solusion

  Here is a site for almost all bodies where you join the community of people who are looking for solution to there problem or looking for people who may need there services

What you can get or look for @post4solusion are

Writer & translators
Webmasters & seo
Web host ninjas
Vehicle specialist
Teaching & learning professionals
Spiritual professionals
Sales & marketing professionals
Programmers & developer
Business & finance

Also read: how to make money with jumia one

3. Developer tutorial

   Here is just yet another awesome way you can write for a website and make money online if you know much about programming

You can teach people who want to learn  thereby creating a means to earn from them

4. (Wow) women on writing

  Just as the name implies this site is strictly for women

Where they get someone to write for th em or they offer to write for people

Which means if you are a woman struggling to be a writer,it would be great joining them and earn writing stories, advice or even or even if you help someone out to become a writer and publish there work

Since women on writing are always looking for articles to publish,you can join in writing for them and get paid sharing personal or fiction stories,some piece of advice,write up and some more

let's simply check out the next on the list

Information guide in nigeria

 Are you talented and think you got what to share and make money

Here is information guide in nigeria paying writers for articles

You are being given what to write about paying you five hundred naira per article of one thousand words

When writing for infoguide nigeria you articles must be hundred percent (100%) original and plagiarism free

Writing in good english and being able to engage readers and make them move to action
Pakistani guys you may bump into this by chance by you also can make money online from pakistan

5. Moolatask revenue program

 Moolatask was launched on 15/01/2021 which pays as low as 200 naira once you reach the threshold.

All you have to do is to create an account with moolatask then take up task that are available in the task page

Create your account now



  To get a writing job in nigeria through you should write to them via [email protected]

 But here is a secret I would let you know about

You don't even have to search for site that pay people to write in nigeria,what you can do to get what you want

You can get people who need writers on there site from

All you have to do is create an account with them find a group where you are allowed to put up a topic related to writing and create a post that can look like this below:

If you need a writer who would write engaging articles for you,am available you can email me @[email protected]
With that you can get people who are looking for writers around even when you are asleep

Why ?

Because nairaland is a big site on it own

7. Metowork

For a very long time metowork have being setup and making money for a lot of guys out there you can signup and put up an eye catching description and what you would do for them and get paid 

Conclusion: after you have read nigerian sites that pay you to write articles 
You should be able to start with one listed above but here is a question for you:

Which one would you go for is it or information guide nigeria or you would use nairaland as a means of getting people to write for ?

List of top earning sites in India:adsense top paid bloggers in india

We would like you to share this article since we all know that there is love in sharing

 Do you have any question if you do have question
Drop your question below 👇

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make money online in nigeria reading news

How to make money online in Nigeria reading news

make money online from Nigeria are being searched frequently when people are out there looking forward to learn how to make money online legitimately (without scamming)
you  got the chance to read news and earn money

Few of these income site are free to join

click here to register to nnu forum and move your former earning on nnu income to nnu forum

 and because of that I would be showing you  more than two websites that would pay you when you read news on there website

You can register to moolatask for free

 you can also earn 1000 naira daily when you invest 50 naira in the jumia one app

Also read: airtel free data 

So I present to you this make money online in nigeria reading news, read news and get paid sites (a read and get paid site here in Nigeria) Those income program was being setup recently to support people looking for latest income programs in Nigeria

 So here are the sites here one of which I made a review which i had once made availiable, In this you would be able to join the platform even if you don't know how to join income programs there review, how they works,if they are scam or legit(real or fake),are they paying,how to signup/register to both sites

1. Inforib revenue program

Inforib revenue program was actually launched today (1/05/2020) first day of the month of may 2020

Features and earning

  • free registration-no sign up fee
  • sign up bonus 1,000
  • affiliate/referral bonus - 200
  • ask a question-#5
  • Answer a question-#20
  • Publish article- #500 to #1000

  All this for free

As you can see my screenshot below is showing my signup bonus

 you can register to inforib program for free, no registration fee

click here to register to inforib

I strongly advice you to register to for free

still on:

how to make money online in nigeria reading news

giftnaija scam or legit

Giftnaija is real not fake since it is tested and trusted
the below image is a payment proof received recently
how to make money online in nigeria reading news
here is a payment gotten from giftnaija income program

how giftnaija works

Immediately you register to giftnaija you earn =#100 You earn =#50 when you share post on facebook You earn =#100 when you submit entertainment update You earn =#1,000 when you refer someone by using your referral link to refer people to join
Registration fee is #1,500 not

when do giftnaija pay

Giftnaija income pays weekly and the minimum amount you can receive weekly is #3,000 if you have any amount lesser than that you won't be receive your pay until you have up to #3000 before you can withdraw

since i am so sure you have hear or read a lot about incomes Nigeria programs
you have hear about zinoly,newspay weread and nnu income programs (which i would never advice people to join nnu because it is already being crowded by people and how would you join a programs that has too much members and still expect you being getting paid from them
Giftnaija registration guide would be giving you insight on how you can register to giftnaija income program easily
Just to simply register for giftnaija then save the page after clicking the link
you should then click on buy coupon code where you would see the "buy coupon code" available
Then buy your giftnaija coupon code and go back to the page you have previously save and use the coupon you buy to simply register to the program If you don't know how to go about it

That is all about my review on giftnaija program since i already made it once available some time ago
But wait! You can register to giftnaija without using the coupon code process by simply clicking here
Click "create account"
Move down and Click "add to cart"
Click "proceed to checkout"
Fill the form with your
phone number
and any other thing needed
Then mark "I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions And click
"place order" to finish your creation of giftnaija account
Then send payment of #1500 to: osayande gift orobosa
Zenith bank 2083323085

 Once you have paid the money you should then send your email address and proof of payment to: [email protected] and your account would be activated within 10 minutes
If you don't know how to go about the registration you can simply 

giftnaija registration guide
I can register you for #1000 instead of #1500 so you can be registered at #1000 only
That is all about make money online in Nigeria reading news

9earners is the latest:  Click here to register to 9earners

 Here is just another income program available where you can make around #10,000 to #40,000 monthly

Here are latest income program in nigeria that where recently launched

2. news9naija income program

   And that is news9naija

What is newsnaija income program ?

 News9naija a news publication website which work by ichie ICT solutions (with RC: 2990634)
 Which mean it is a registered site

  In may 2020 this website turn the first ever news site to run free adverts and user-focused referral system in nigeria

  Their aim is to eradicate poverty and make the young get something they can do  and get paid for it at the end of the week

 How news9naija works

Newsnaija has two types of revenue models

Revenue model 1

Every members of news9naija are automatically affiliate partners to newsnaija and each member has unique referral link  which they can make use of in inviting new members and earning commission

 Where you invite friends and earn  #500 each after they also register and activate there accounts

9earners is the latest:  Click here to register to 9earners

Revenue models 2

 Registered members has advert credit wallet" which stores credit earn by the member for being active on the site when they visit the site daily,reading news,commenting... E.T.C

 And each user can make use of it credit to fund placed on the site homepage or any other pages

 Users with no credit but wish to run adverts can exchange there credit for cash and there is no limit to how much credit he/she can earn or sell per day

Where adverts are placed

 registration page
 homepage footer section
 users login page
 members dashboard
 post navigation

9earners is the latest:  Click here to register to 9earners

Which advert are not accepted

   All types are accepted except misleading adsense with intension to scam others,sales or promotion of drugs,guns,adult contents... etc

 What you would gain from news9naija

  You get the chance of getting two things from newsnaija

Still on:

make money reading news in nigeria: #10,000 - #40,000 monthly

  1. you will get more clients to patronize your business/devices services
  2. you will attain financial freedom through either or both of the two approaches

 News9naija registration fee

 To avoid spam and fake accounts every person who wish to join newsnaija  is required  to activate his/here account with #500

Take note that during registration every person is advised to use his/her correct personal information since during payout, can only be made to users whose bank account details correspond to their registered names

And lastly .

9earners is the latest:  Click here to register to 9earners

Before you go ahead and register; I always have bonus for people who register through and activate their account

I am sure you would be among them

Here is it, I need few people who would get my tutorial which could cost you around #10,000 to #19,000 to get; and that is how to drive traffic from google

  Which means with my one time tutorial with you, you can start generating some good amount of traffic

 To get my one and only bonus you should register your account and activate the account then screenshot and  send me your payment receipt at [email protected] and I would be sending the eBook over to you to read,digest and ask question where you get confused

3. bizo income program

subscription amount= #1000

Daily login = #50 

Sharing of sponsored post #150

That means you have make #150 each for each sponsored post your share on your facebook timeline

25% referral bonus

Making 25% per referral you make; and you are free to use any means to market the program

9earners is the latest:  Click here to register to 9earners

You can register by clicking the link or image below

Also i have same bonus available if you register through my referral link

Once you register all you have to do is to simply screen shot your  proof of registration and send it over to me at [email protected]

Good luck and happy money making

Conclusion: you can make money reading news in nigeria by making use of those new sites and that is why I have suggested you those income program sites launched recently
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keyword research for dummies: how to find easy to rank keywords

 here is my ultimate guide on keyword research for dummies but you might have use other words in arriving here which I don't care about.

 Yes, I don't care about what keyword you use in arriving here since all I would show you would be how to find easy to rank keyword for your next article and I bet you would love it and would like to read over and over again

Firstly do remember that you can get a keyword tool at cheaper rate (less than 8 dollars)

 do you want to see proof to what am about to show you ?

 Then check this image below:

keyword research for dummies

 settle down friend, i would advice you to read this all through if you really want to be a pro in keyword research which would help you in getting best keywords for your next blog post

I was able to get the keyword used in this post by doing same thing, and after checking google the second day I was delighted to see my post already showing on the third page

Then I was assured that I can get to the first page in no time, and it worked !

update: the keyword is now ranking on the second page, though i still see that to be ok by me since the keyword is somewhat competitive but I still find my way through to the top 40 easily and fast

Keyword research for dummies

 Just imagine a keyword having difficulty of 50
Take a better look below


I was also ranking my secondary keyword which is how to find easy to rank keywords on the sixth page which would improve soon which I wanted to go for but later changed my mind because I saw it to be competitive

 before going for those keywords I do consider my domain authority before taking any keyword, if you can also increase your domain authority fast then in no time you would be able to go for more competitive keyword

 I also do write my seo optimized article so I can rank in no time

But with a new blog having a default domain authority (0-1)

You have to follow my guide
Do read...

but first let's take some term into consideration

what are keywords

keyword are search term a user use on google in order to get a particular information and there are two types of keywords

the short tail and the long tail keyword

short tail keywords are only two to three words like: best phone, top bloggers,most visited country

and there are keyword research tools which can be used in getting what people are searching on google

keyword research tools free and paid

there are countless tools used in doing keyword research for better and profitable keywords, the paid tool and free tools

premium keyword tools

Grow your online visibility
these are tools you made payment for in order to have access to it for a period of time since they are known to be the easiest tools to make use of

tubebuddy review: tools that help in increasing youtube views

you either make purchase per month or annually depending on which you want

premium keyword research tools like

Grow your online visibility create an account to get a semrush tool for less than 8 dollars

and many more

free keyword research tools

here are keyword tools you can use in getting what people are searching on google

note: free tools would never tells you a keyword is easy to rank

 Also read:challenges of blogging in nigeria that can affect you as a newbie

you may ask "why ?"

they would never tell you that "hey this keyword is an easy one to rank for"

to know if you can rank for it you need to analyze it yourself

tools like :

ubersuggest: ubersuggest was actually purchased by neil patel and that has being a great tool after he made it free,if you want to use the tool try going around it and see how it works to get long tail keywords put your seed keyword and search then click on "get ideas"

google: you might be surprise that "what !, google for keyword research ?", yes you can get long tail keywords using google auto suggest

Also read:how to write an seo optimized article

here is how it works

google auto suggest, keyword research for dummies
here is how google auto suggest works.

Below is a video on google auto suggest

by writing some words and google complete it for you, you can also use some words at the beginning of the keyword words like: best, details for,how to, how is e.t.c

example: best ....

people finding guide to do something mostly do start with the word: "how to" at the beginning of the word

example: how to a , how to r

how to ... :  is another killer keyword tool which all you need to do is just to input your seed keyword and it would bring out bunch of long tail keywords then you would take them and analyze them to see if you can rank for them

you have to remember that those free keyword research tool won't say "hey this is an easy to rank keyword" you have to analyze yourself to see if you can  rank it

and that is one of the reason why I love paid keyword research tool over free once

but you know what ?
not everyone can pay for those tools since it might be of high price for some,I don't know if you can afford it but you can use the semrush free trail

Watch this videos and see more on how to find easy to rank keywords

anyway,what if  i can't pay for the premium keyword research tool what can i use in doing my research for free

and that is where keyword everywhere comes in

have you ever heard or read about the extension before ?

if no,keyword everywhere is a chrome extension available for both android phone users and computer users (laptops included)

try and install the chrome extension into your browser all along with Moz chrome extension

what does these both tool does ?

keyword everywhere: this is a keyword research tool that shows

a keyword
the CPC
the competition of that keyword

but note
you don't have to follow the competition given because it is not for you but for advertisers

then what is the use ?

don't worry much you would see how to use keyword everywhere in doing keyword research and it would be fun for you while using it to do your research

steps to keyword research for dummies

  • choose your favorite keyword
  • find out long tail keywords
  • analyze google 
  • choose your keyword that fit your content
  • gather more relevant keywords
  • choose most easy to rank one 
Let's go !....

as far as you have the keyword everywhere and moz chrome extension in your browser, you are going to love every bit of it

now here is what you have to do move over to google type your seed keyword

e.g I want my next blog post should be about "how to build an helicopter"

I would simply use the word "build helicopter"

then search.   awesome!  here are what I got after I search for that

now you can choose any keyword you see there then search that

caution: read the following guide over and over again

when the page shows up,all you need to do is just to analyze the sites ranking on the first page of google since that is where you want to belong

now check the sites ranking on the first page of google to see if it has the keyword in there title

if no blog on the first page has it in there title,that is a good sign

check to see if the keyword is in there url, if non of the blogs on google first page has it in there url, that is also a good sign

check to see if the keyword is in there description tag, if no one has it on there description tag that is another great sign that you can rank on google

now do you see that no one is a dummie in keyword research

but that is not all

remember what we are trying to get ( an easy to rank keyword right ?)

what about the moz chrome extension here is where we would need to make use of it

most people can go along with such keyword without going further but for newbie bloggers or new blogs we have to take more things into consideration

there is still a merit we need to watch out for and that is just big sites

how can we do this

check to see domain authority and backlinks

check to see if you can get at least two sites on google's first page which has domain authority below 30

if all sites has da above 30 then it is advisable that you leave that keyword and look for another

also check to get at least two sites on google first page that has links below 30

I bet you if all those are found there is 60 percent that you would rank your blog post on google first page

now there are sites on google first page sometimes that has no strength to rank

so you can easily rank for such keywords if you find low sites ranking for it

sites like:
yellow pages
Q and answer sites
blogspot sites (which has no domain yet e.g
WordPress sites ( )

before we finish up I would like to show you some examples

let's look into it





For more about getting easy to rank keywords watch this video

paid keyword research tools
Grow your online visibility

You can use any paid keyword research tool if you can purchase it ( i recommend semrush )

buy and play around with it since it is easy to understand

And that is why you are Lucky to get a group buy seo tool

watch this video on getting easy to rank keyword
And try following instruction

would provide you guides to use it

conclusion: now you see that there is no dummie in keyword research if you have follow these guide on keyword research for dummies no one would ever call you a dummie  when it comes to keyword research

but before you go i  would love to read your comments

questions are also allowed

do share
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top earning websites in india 2021

here are top earning websites in India
Seeing many websites around in india, I come to think of it that "which website earn the most"

 a lot of them had gone a long way in money making

make money and get paid instantly: works you can do online to earn 

1. way2sms

 way2sms is a very popular indian's leading messaging platform,over 5 core users trust way2sms,about 1,500 users joining day by day

 Being Indian #1 sms platform allowing it user's to send sms for free,the most amazing part about this website is that it allows you to send voice message along (type your message and the site would convert it to a voice message and send)

Way2sms generate about $1.5 million yearly

2. is owned by clickindia infomedia,who provide robust platform for advertisers to showcase their offers giving Indian citizens the chance to buy,sell products and rent or find something to buy

You are even opportuned to find jobs from the website

What you get are: new launches, syllabus, answer key,price list,exams and results,part time jobs and many more
The website generate about $1.5 millions yearly
Also read: online earning websites in pakistan without investment


 a great organization with minimal growth opportunities


fantastic workplace helpful colleagues scope to learn newer things great flexibility on timings 


 No scope for growth, poor salary, favouritism at it's peak,higher prior to employees from premier institution 

The site also make about $3.5 million yearly 

4. is Indian's local search engine,provide best deals,shop online,ticket booking for flights.

 justdial is a cloud base solution,which can be accessed over cell phones and allows controlling and monitoring capabilities to business owners through a dashboard and are making about $5 million yearly


 not to write much about this,shaadi site is known best as a dating site that is being responsible for 3.2 million matches 


  a shaadi toolbar is available that makes accessing the site very easy and even alart you of new message right away 

reported to be Indians number one dating service provider as mentioned by it users 


Too much online ads (advertisement) is also known to generate about $5 million yearly


 wow, is said to be an online site where people get jobs from 
A user once write that:

I have switched two jobs and both jobs which I got are from only,so I am satisfied with what naukri offers

this site also generate it own revenue which is about $6 million yearly

what are the top earning websites in india

continue reading...


 being among the top earning websites in world and India
Rediff is India leading website for the latest bollywood news,India movie,reviews,Indian music,you are allowed to sell your product when you follow the right steps.
The website ( generate about $40 million yearly

but there are top blog earners in india we have to take a look at

top 10 earners from google adsense in india since we can't do without having a quick glace at top india bloggers when we had shown top earning websites in india

here are the top bloggers in india who earn from google adsense

also read: Make money online in pakistan without investment

1. Amit agarwal of

Amit agarwal in 2004 left his job at corporate world and started a tech and how to-blog and today he is known with his blog where he shares about computer software,tech,blogging and many more

2. Arun prabhudesai of

 arun prabhudesai is an internet addict and entrepreneur and is the founder of 

Where he blog about business, gadgets,tech and startup domains 

3. srinivas Tamara of

 He being a part-time blogger and a ui architect is an india and own the blog 
He teaches: he teaches tutorial on programming and web design 

4. jaspal Singh of

 Jaspal singh an india guy and blogger who own a blog (savedelete) where he blog topics on technology,gadgets,seo,product review,content marketing and many more 

5. Nirmal balachandran of

 nirmal a civil engineer and software engineer by profession 

He blog about technologies,windows 7,blogging tips and more 

6. Rahul bansal of

 The name "devilsworkshop" may look funny but there is no dopt that the blog owner is one among the best and well paid Indian blogger 

He blog about: internet,technology, blogging,seo,WordPress,social networking news.....

And the last..

7. Harsh agrawal of

 Yes,you must have come across this blog many times 
  harsh agrawal started the blog back in 2008 and being an awarding winning blog that teach about living a boss free life 

He blog about anything pertaining to "blogging"


With my list of top earning websites in India ,it is now clear that india has reasonable handful of successful website and bloggers

Do you like this article,if yes then why not share it with your friends on social media 

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how to generate nigeria recharge card pin online

Here is my ultimate guide on how to generate Nigeria recharge card pin online, I have gone through a lot before i was able to get this and i bet you would love this method i make use of to get recharge card, data and any other subscription you need to make

You need proof to this ?

Then see this image below

you see; once I got it I make use of it immediately and get another make use of it immediately

 using this method i do earn 1000 naira daily by using that if I can achieve that then you can do better

See More screen shot below

you still need more of my proof ?

you see and immediately i pay with the jumiapay I got my data and I was being sent and email right away that I have used my jumia pay but yes that was exactly what I want


Yes,we all love free things right,i writing this also love to get free stuff when i see the opportunity, let's let the basket you can't get free things easily anymore and because of the hunt for free stuff many had fall for scam which i am sure you would never want to be a victim and if you were once a victim
you won't want to get into that again

Also read: Available website in nigeria that would pay you when you write articles for them

  So with this guide you get them all not free but at very cheaper rate and I mean it

You can even start recharge card,data plan and any other subscription business with it

  don't worry much i would show you how you can get it done any moment from now but all i need from you is just your attention.

Also read: simple step on how to withdraw from paypal in nigeria

let's start !

Some do ask question like: how can I print recharge card online ?

Can I get free recharge card pin generator
Before you can print recharge card online there are things you have to put into consideration
which are

Also read: how to make money with jumia one

  • which method can you use
  • how can you get them without getting into trouble
  • low cost sites that gives at low rate
  • can I get a free recharge card pin generator

 And that is why you will need to make use of jumia app

steps on how to generate nigeria recharge card pin online using jumia app

 why use the jumia app?

The jumia app is known as the best site to generate recharge card, data and also do any subscription you want

how can i start recharge card printing business, data bundle reselling business and subscription on jumia app

Let me hit the hammer on the nail,before you would be able to start  using the jumia app registration is free but you are expected to upgrade your account with the amount of nothing!  and after that you can start generating all recharge needed

sites that pay writers in nigeria:freelance writing jobs in nigeria

 this is what many never want to read or hear (the bitter truth) all they want to read and hear is:

Do this do that you would get it free

You can type one million and you get all you want

type 1000 hundred times to so so so and you get it

Then they see any word related to the once above they would quickly just into it and later when they find out that it don't work they jump into another

Big sis,big bro many had being deceived that way without them getting what they really want

Also read: work online and get paid instantly: things you can do and get paid online

  Anyway you are lucky to be here,i have not put your mind at rest by letting you know that you can get it for free

 You might be in need of recharge cards for all network, and also need Airtel data,mtn data,Glo and etisalat (known now as 9mobile)

But you are buying at cheaper rate all that is required of you is just for you to register in and upgrade your account then start generating all type of recharge at cheaper rate

Remember: registration is free but you can upgrade your account later


Hmm,am very sure you have lots of questions to ask why not drop them below

Do share
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8 sure ways to work online and get paid instantly 2021

 Would show you how to work online and get paid instantly  it is well known that we can't do without making money either offline or online and that is why you would have to learn to make money online legitimately

 Being that I once used the word instantly does not show that you earn without working,you have to do some minor work before you can get the money you desire for

 there are legitimate referral programs that pay daily and that is that.

 Before I continue, I would take you through:
Why we all need money
What you can do to make money all with enough details to help you start up without having difficulty figuring how to start

People also search:

  • how to make money online for free
  • make instant money online absolutely free
  • free online jobs that pay daily
  • work online from home and get paid

and with all that many had being scammed of their hard earn money
Since what some people want is a way to get some money immediately online

But here is something you have to know 

You can do online legit work and get paid
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    Reasons why we want to work online and get paid instantly

 why is money so important, money is important because we want to buy what ever we need,money is so important because we want to buy a phone,because we want to buy a car,we need money because we need it in our daily lives,we need money because we can't do without it

 And that is one of the reason you have to learn how to make money online  without spending a dim

note: I am not showing you how to scam others of there hard earned money

but would be showing you how to:
  • earn PayPal money instantly
  • make instant money online now
  • how to make money online for free
  • earn paypal money online fast
 here are ways in which you can use to make money online but mind you,they are not the only one available rather they are the once i would be focusing on and they are the sure ways you can use to make money online yourself

And they are 
  1. domain flipping
  2. affiliate marketing 
  3. Selling your product
  4. app developing
  5. providing skill acquisition training
  6. blogging
  7. seo (search engine optimization)
  8. content writing
 Seeing all that have being listed above,they are eight in numbers which means you should be able to go along with one

While I would give you deeper details on each

domain flipping

 domain flipping is actually buying a domain name at lower price and selling at higher price and remembering what i  mention that you have to work before you can be paid,in domain flipping you have to register a domain and sell it to another person at higher price (don't be in haste all is available in this guide)

How much can you make flipping domains

 you can make as much money as you need all you are to do is for you to get the best domain name which people would be anxious to get from you

domain flipping guide

 To start domain flipping require little or no effort,you gave to get what people are searching for on google, get to know and be sure that people would be willing to buy it from you 

E.g people are searching for apps that pay in pakistan, you can decide to get a domain that looks much like that, etc depending on the extension you want to use but using .com extension is much better 

Then get over to people that has one app or even a blogger would be willing to buy it from you 

affiliate marketing

 Affiliate marketing is the process of earning some commission for promoting /marketing another person,company, service or product

That is you refer people to buy a product or service and in return you earn some commission for referring that particular person who bought the product or device

 To start with,you can get a better product or service to online and find a better means of advertising that product using any of the method listed below:

  • Email marketing 
  • Search engine ads (google,bing,youtube, yandex)
  • A blog or website
  • Social media platform (WhatsApp,facebook, youtube, Instagram,twitter, pinetrest)
  • Social media ads (facebook, Instagram,youtube)

 But you should try checking to see what promotion channels are allowed so as to avoid being in mess

here is a quick video on affiliate marketing and best way to start

Sell your product

 seeing the word "sell your product" might make you surprise and keep you wondering "would it be possible to sell my product /service online ?)

 It is very much possible to sell your product online and offer your services 

 You can do that by either your own website that specifically target the product or service you want to render

You can also get someone who has a website that target what you want to sell and contact them

App development

 it is much fun going for this since all you would be doing is just creating apps for mobile device,since people are all looking forward on getting more out of apps 

Even without knowing how to code you can still use available apps and website to create an app 

Providing skill acquisition training

 Hmm,here is another way to make money online training people

Here you have to get some skill which people can't do without online and they in return would pay you after you have teach them how to do that particular thing 

Examples are :
graphic design 
Web design
Copy writing
Translation and lot more

You then find a means to pro more them and get paid after or before the training


 Many guys had div along into this way of making money even without knowing the basics things needed

Blogging is not one you go into and expect to work online and get paid instantly

You have to wait patiently till it yeid up

To start with it,there are basic things for you to know and follow in other to get the better out of your blog which are:

How to write and awesome article
How to do your blog seo (search engine optimization)

Since it is well known that you can't make success through blogging without those things 

Anyway,i would be to teach you on how to do seo for your blog/website

I can also provide you with easy to rank keywords for your blog content message me on facebook if you need tutorial on how to do seo or to get easy to rank keywords at cool rate

Once all are set,you are then set to make money monthly from your blog 

(Seo) search engine optimization

 Doing seo for other people's blog/website is just another way you can use in making money quickly online 

 For example: if i don't know how to do seo for my blog,i would have to get an seo practitioner who would do the job for me while I pay him

It is well known that no internet marketer can do without seo and in that case i have made a well detail step by step keyword research here which can help you even if you are a dummie

remember: I can get easy to rank keywords for you,teach you how to do seo at cheaper rate (email me) or (message me on facebook)

The last but not the least

work online and get paid instantly

Content writing

Content writers are writer that write good content that trigger and make readers engage and take/move to action 

                  WRAPPING UP

After giving and ending the legitimate work online and get paid instantly guide,it is time to know your views

Would you go for: blogging or doing seo for people, sell your product or content writing

Simply drop comments below

Do share..
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work online and get paid daily flipping domains

here is how to work online and get paid daily flipping domains, domain flipping is also a good way to earn money online though you have to spend some little amount of about $10 but worry not since I would let you know all about domain flipping and how to start it and make money

domain flipping meaning

 domain flipping is just about getting a domain at a lower price and then selling at a higher price, you may get a domain at $10 which i once let you know about that you would need about $10 to start flipping domains and you could sell out at higher price 

 note: there are risk attached to domain flipping (chill) but with this domain flipping guide you should be able to understand the in and out of domain flipping

  is domain flipping still profitable nowadays ?

  very much, domain flipping is profitably and would continue to be

getting a domain for example:

 and selling over to either a hotel or making use of it to create a website around, there are many reasons why people buy domains at high price since they know it value

 people buy domain name because of it merit and brand, a domain that has good seo merits in DA/PA can make you some bulk if it is found valuable

and below is a video that would take you through the better way

 domain flipping guide 2019

 in no time I would be taking you through on how to start and make money flipping domains, if you really want the best follow this guide

  caution: to get the best out of domain flipping you have to try and take your time to get the best from it 

let's start off

steps on how to work online and get paid daily flipping domains

 before thinking of buying a domain name you have to check to see if that name really worth buying, you can't just held to a domain name registrar and purchase a domain you are not sure if anyone would really want to buy

 I got some examples here, a guy needed a domain name so he would be able to teach all about importation he then got the domain name (which he later sold out 😜)
 he used that same method in getting more domains which he do buy and sell at higher price

he bought another using his own method

  •  you need to know words trending on the internet then listing them down

  •  move over to google trend and see how people search yearly

  •  check to see if one that is similar to it has being sold out using

  •  find a domain name that has the word in it and purchase it (you can use other words that can be pronounced and remembered quickly)

 how to get expired domain names

 getting expired domain names also can make you some cool money since people need expired domain name to set up a blog/website

Because they want there work to become more easier since they won't have to do much work on it by building trust if it where to be a new domain

how to find expired domain names

 there are different tools out there that you can use in finding expired domains 

 tools like justdropped,expireddomains and ahref, you can choose any of the tool you want but ahref is known to be a paid tool but you can get it for $7 for seven days in which you would be able to get enough domains before the seven days elapse

for me  used expired and was able to find a car domain which I know i don't need

To get expired domains from, i register to have a full access and move over to the deleted domain then there are list of domains which had expired but I can't take any because most domains there are spammed domains

tubebuddy review: increase your youtube presence quickly

 so i set my filter which is right above the domain list and choose domain with english in the dictionary table

Choose "no number in domain"
Set my minimum number of backlinks to 100 (you can increase yours for better merits)

Then choose domains that has the .com extension or any other (.org, .net and .com are most known extension to people)

 take note of those domain names and Start checking there spam score each , there spam score should be 0-nothing 

 then check to see if it has being ban by google adsense or deindex from google

 if all are ok 

That is a good domain worth buying
You can decide to park such domain name with godaddy, 1 and 1 or any other sites that allow such to make money 

conclusion: flipping domain is very profitable if you got a goldmine domain with you, and I am sure with this guide on how to work online and get paid daily flipping domains would help you in achieving the best.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

moolatask review: make at least #500 per day completing task


Users that are ready to work we know them.

Are you ready to get FREE cash monthly without any investment?

If yes, register for FREE on now and start making a lot of money daily.

100% legit no scam on this one, no investment, no payment for code, no membership fee or monthly subscription.

You can make between ₦100 to ₦1000 daily without any investment on this one. Try it out now.

News & Important Update eligible members get paid today as we payout every last day of the month. We are still paying, so you can still withdraw and get paid today.

Despite flushing out fake and inactive users on the system, the top referral was still paid a 10k cash bonus as promised while we make sure eligible users get paid what they earned.

Members get paid for FREE without any investment, no upgrade or any commitment that will require you to pay first before you can make money online freely. No registration or membership fee. It's FREE for life.

While we offer this earning opportunity for FREE, your time and data are required, that is why we want to make sure you are rewarded and get paid as promised. But it can be tough, strict and require serious activeness and discipline because we won't like to waste your time or waste money to unserious cheaters.

Moolatask was launched on the 15th of January 2021. It's kind of a new year breakthrough project and a great idea for me to make sure of MMO revival without getting fade out yet. Over the last 15 days, it has been a tough time experimenting with the idea, checking on the turnout while limiting excess earning base on available budget and overhead which may cause serious issues later.

I want to believe that the last 15 days of running Moolatask is way beyond a mere earning opportunity offered for free but required more seriousness and better management to make sure it works out as planned. It's also like a test run which has enabled us to garner more experience and more ways to avoid any loopholes that will cause so much flaw.

Hence, we are embarking on the full-fledged journey with more improvement and flawless management.

The good news is that active serious members will now earn more and make it worth doing. We have decided to venture more funds and resources to make Moolatask more interesting.

Starting from tomorrow February 1st, 2021, we will be making the following changes to the system with about ₦500k referral bonus allocation. I believe you will like it.

1, Referral bonus will now be ₦100 per referral

2, Daily promo task from ₦30-100

3, Advertiser task from ₦20 bid 100% paid to users

4, Daily login bonus remains ₦1

5, Top referral cash bonus monthly from ₦10,000 with more goodies to come and you should be earning between ₦100 to ₦1000 and above daily.

Moolatask Pro paid version will be launched on the 15th of February hopefully. It's not a must to join the paid version and you are not expected to join. If you cannot afford the paid version or risk your money, you can stick to the free version if you are interested.

Do's & Don't, Rules, Terms and Policy for Progress and Sustainability.

1, Members must stay active

2, You must log in to your account daily

3, You must participate in a daily task if available

4, You must provide reasonable proof for task as required

5, Referral is optional

6, Refer serious active users if you chose to refer

7, Little or no active user will be deleted

8, Poor performance user for days will be deleted from the system

9, You will lose your referral bonus if an inactive user gets deleted

10, Make sure you refer active users if you chose to.

11, If your referrals are not active, you won't get paid.

12, If you cannot be active or participate fully, don't register at all.

13, If you cannot log in daily, don't bother to register.

14, Fake user account is NOT allowed

15, Fake email verified is NOT allowed, it will be deleted later

16, Multiple accounts are NOT allowed else you will be banned

17, Helping people to log in to their account is NOT allowed.

18, Don't use one device and the same network to login other users

19, Don't use the the same device to register other referrals

20, System will detect and your account will be banned.

21, You must complete your profile as expected

22, You must submit your major social profile links to get paid

23, We must see our task on your social handle to get paid

24, You must join Mooltask Facebook group

25, Most especially, you must be a member on

24, You must be a verified member on

26, It's FREE to get verified on Amverified Nigeria Social Network

27, Your Amverified membership is important because the platform sponsored Moolatask project

28, You must adhere to the above rules to get paid your earning.

29, You must read our terms and earning disclaimer below as a member.

To avoid calling anyone scam, take not of Earnings Disclaimer

While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent all the products and services reviewed on Moolatask dot com, it should be noted that earnings and income statements made by Moolatask dot com and its advertisers/sponsors/promoters are estimates only of what we think you can possibly earn. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual.

As with any business, your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, which do not apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

There is no assurance that examples of past earnings can be duplicated in the future. We cannot guarantee your future results and/or success. There are some unknown risks in business and on the internet that we cannot foresee which could reduce the results you experience. We are not responsible for your actions.

The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that Moolatask dot and the advertisers/

sponsors/promoters of the website are not liable for any success or failure or loss of your business, time and effort, investment, funding or capital that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products and services reviewed or advertised on the website or on social media.

Are you ready to make money online for FREE, register for FREE and get started now. Visit for more details and register now.

                 Click here to register

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