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15+ micro niche blog ideas for beginners

  micro niche blog ideas



Showing you untapped and best micro niche blog ideas for beginners that can make money

Choosing a blog niche is very challenging since  what most guys jump into are entertainment, news and technology and which make those mentioned niche saturated and that had made most people avoid the niche and look for a profitable and an unsaturated niche all around the world

In no time I would be showing you powerful and best niches you can go into and get the best in no time


Those niches are blog niches that make money in less than two years, you just  need to follow the right steps to acquire that.

Going into those niches are dangerous and yet profitable; yes, I mean dangerous if you go the wrong way


If you end up choosing the wrong niche, you would surely end up looking for things to blog about in around the internet .

That is reason why people end up blogging and the number one reason is just because they fail in choosing a profitable niche which might make you end up your blogging career if you go the wrong way

First of all

What is  a niche blogging

Niche means a comfortable/suitable position, which means  a blog niche is a specific area being targeted by anyone and such person is much more comfortable in that area

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Which means targeting a niche would give you more targeted traffic and would also make you money in the long run

With that I would quickly show you untapped niches which you can go into and would also show you how to get a profitable niche while doing your own research

With me here I have listed about twenty five niches which you can go into and get the best but would only show the once that are great to take a look into

Make up

Girls can't do without trying to make sure they look good to everyone around them, so they surely come looking for different things like : make up kit,bridal make up in nigeria, make up of nigerian celebrities, best make up artist in nigeria, best make up product in nigeria and lot more which means you can use that opportunity to market any related product to them though in that you can choose to target a country of your choice

Learn new skill

This is another perfect niche one can take a look into  when finding a niche that can help him/her get a lot of traffic and also earn from it

Why I find this to be a great niche to consider is just that you have the power to expand

You can show them profitable skills and how to get into those skills and you also have the chance of promoting related product over to them as time goes on

Untapped and Best blogging niches for beginners


Jobs and career

Since the rate of unemployment keep increasing still yet people keep on looking for work both online and offline

So you also have the opportunity to also expand this niche down


Micro niche blog ideas to start

More targeted niche under jobs and career are: office jobs, business jobs, job hiring, post jobs and many others


Don't you have a phone ?; you are currently reading this through either a phone or PC which means everyone need access to a phone either big or small

This is a great niche you can take a look into and follow up with the guys around

You also have the ability of expansion if you really want, you can make it more targeted but also try having the chance to expand your reach

Review blog

I created my blog in the review niche where all I show is just review about one thing or the other and I want to say I got great result which means you can also go Into that and you can make it more targeted to a particular area


Known to be one of the most profitable blogging niches around the world today.

You can start writing review about cars,phones,tech,laptops,cameras, gymnastic apparatus and many other things

Laptop lifestyle

You can show/teach people how to live and work comfortably anywhere, anytime in the world

There are amazing topics under this which when taken can bring you more topic ideas to go after

You can also put your focus on a more specific area e.g dropshipping, online coaching, podcasting, YouTube, blogging and some more


You might be wondering why this is being listed among those I have made ; people are searching for one song or another and most people do go in search of old music which make this a more targeted niche you can put into consideration

Which means all you would do on this niche is just to focus more on music  alone and with time you are a way far from others

Diy niche

We all can't know everything and that is why we would continue to learn more or most things  we really want to know

More targeted once are below

Financial security
Health maintenance

Make money online niche

With the opportunities that are available in this niche you can easily get your way through by knowing exactly what your audience are searching for and there by taking it over to them and making money from them with or without google adsense


This is a powerful niche which when worked on can give you great and better return since people are searching things around them, while trying to show some words I came around some words on google and they Are: agriculture in nigeria, agriculture loan in nigeria, nigeria agriculture facts, agriculture contribution to nigeria (I can choose to target my country)

Which means you can easily get your head out without anyone competing with you


Here are what you need to know before choosing a niche

If I don't let you know this you might end your blogging career due to disappointment and lack of ideas, I have experienced that and that is one of the reason why I would give you those tips to choosing your own niche without getting stuck as time goes on

To cut my story short (smile), I created a blog on the food and recipe niche got a  good domain name (dinnerforeight) then I got stuck after writing two content

Why ?

I got stuck writing because I don't know much on that niche

Tips to choosing a profitable niche

  1. Know more about the niche
  2. make sure it's a niche you can make money from with/without google adsense
  3. know more topic ideas

How to find micro niche ideas


Any moment from now i will be showing you how to find those niche sites ideas yourself without having to pay anyone to do it for you

I do make use of different tools when ever am looking out for a profitable niche in for the take

Move over to google search bar and put word of your interest e.g "online courses"


Conclusion: one of the greatest thing to success in blogging is by knowing what you are good at and also doing what you love to do; not knowing what to write on is one of the main reason most people fail in blogging
Good luck



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