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8+ best fiverr niches to sell out




Here are best fiverr niches to sell out and make money from; fiverr launched in the year 2010 had turned into a wide online community where people buy and sell digital services .


Fiverr being one of the biggest market place for both sellers and buyers or are ready to either sell their service out for money over to people who need them


And that is exactly what you also need (smile) you want to start selling out your skills but you may be confused on what to sell out to people


Any way, I have made a list of powerful and best fiverr gigs available to anyone who is just starting out on fiverr


A lot of people have made money from that same site you are about setting up your gig on and there are still Lots of people making money from fiverr



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After your fiverr account creation, it is very important to look out for niches that make money


Most of it don't really need you to know about those niches; since you can make money on fiverr without skills .

Trending services on Fiverr

There are many fiverr most demanded skills but most are already competitive and with that you need to find less competitive niches on fiverr


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Below are best fiverr niches that make money


1. Digital marketing

Being one of the most expensive gig on fiverr  (niche) and under this niche we have other sub categories which you can take into and they are .


Seo, content marketing, email marketing, domain research, music promotion and many more


2. Graphic design

There are many other things which are under this and they are .


Drawing cartoons, designing flyers/postcards, making book cover,logo designing


3. Wordpress

This gig has all that deals with a wordpress site .


Like, blog creation, bug fixing, website design and lot more

Low competition gigs on Fiverr

There are available niches under those gigs which can be taken

4. photo and video gigs

Yes, this is a great niche you can consider this might be

Illustrations, voice over, video editing, cartoons and comics, portraits and caricatures, photoshop editing, short video ads, viral videos e.t.c

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5. Writing niche

This deals with you writing for a specific area

this is a great niche that you can take a look into

And the sub categories are :

Proofreading and editing, content translation, content writing, creating of cover letter, write press release, write sales copy and lots more


Those are the available group of gigs available for the take; in no time, I would two or more sub categories from each


Top fiverr sellers explained what happen and how they turn out to be one of the top sellers on fiveer

The three gotten are......


Levi newman

Levi newman is a Columbian and he make $10,000 - $15,000 per month


Who make money as a copywriter; I had to increase my price per order in order to reduce orders , but people still keep placing orders - he said


Charmaine pocek

A resume writer who makes $38,000 - $48,000 per month


She also work on fiverr as a career consultant and recruiter


She says to keep her customers at ease, she let them know she would get in touch with them shortly; and she always do as promised


Redd horrocks

As a voiceover artist, redd horrocks earn $15,000 a month


Redd horrocks works in a corporate jobs and badly need to pay off her dept which made her venture into freelancing on fiverr as a voiceover artist


And those are the top fiverr sellers available


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