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Best untapped business in nigeria

  untapped business in nigeria



best untapped business in nigeria by going through skill acquisition training, there are numerous business which one can easily start here in nigeria but what I noticed among most of those business are that you can hardly make profits when being taken

 But here, I have gotten about fifteen (15) hot business you can consider and start up with little to no investment

What are untapped business

 Without much delay, untapped business are once that are not common among one you might know of ; most of the businesses we see today are already being covered by most people and with that you might hardly get head out over others
Being that some you usually see often had successfully gain ground on a business does not mean you have to go into it and I have also make it more easy for you to understand by dividing them into two category "the offline business" and the "online business" ; it would be your turn to choose which category you had like to go into
untapped offline business in nigeria
 there are enough numbers of profitable business in nigeria which can be done offline which might need little to no capital

cosmetics production/business in nigeria

 there is nothing bad in trying some things out sometimes; anyway, if you know more about  cosmetics/cream you can start production of cream or mixing of cream mostly for ladies who need them
you can also start selling creams, powder, just anything needed for body or facial treatment this way you are bound to make money monthly with little capital.

recharge card production/selling in nigeria

  with about #100,000 or more you could start the production of recharge card and selling out for profit making
to start a recharge card printing business you would need :
computer: this would be used in getting access to the recharge code which you would have to print out
recharge card software: this is the software needed in generating the recharge recharge card pins ; you can generate as much as you want using the software though you have to buy the numbers of recharge pins from trusted source.
printing machine: you would need a printing machine to print out your generated recharge card pins

liquid/solid soap production in nigeria

  this is something we can  never do without; yes, soap can never be exempted from use either in the house, office or schools etc
through that you can make money by producing either solid or liquid soap then putting it up for sale
you can also stand out from the numbers of people doing same thing by making your unique by branding your products and selling out to wholesalers or retailers; don't worry much if you don't know how to make a liquid/solid soap I have made a link available for you to learn from. learn how to make liquid or solid soap making here

fish farming business in nigeria

  starting up a fish farming in nigeria would require your money, time, patience and of all commitment
this is a very lucrative business I can go for if i find the opportunity to.
{ -link here: fishery farming-}
sales of mobile phones and repair
   buying phones at lower price and selling out at higher price ; though it is known that you would need more than 50k in setting up a mobile phone stall apart from the money needed in getting a shop were you keep in the phones and accessories
 you can also start repairing faulty phone for money (only if you knows how to fix up a faulty phone)

mini importation business in nigeria

  it comes in place when you buy a product at very lower price and sell out at higher price
 I can decide to get a tracker for the price tag #800 per pair with that I would be making more money than imagined

untapped business in nigeria andone can start

Kennedy prosper can take you through on mini importation if you don't know where to start from
training center in nigeria
  though this is not specific but you can make money training people on what you know how to do
this has no limitation to what you can teach  people who are interested to learn from you
you can take people through what you know is profitable here in nigeria

web design and maintainace

  you can start designing website for companies or private individuals
today, people keep setting up blogs/website for there business or personal use; you can easily learn how to setup a blog which takes nothing less than (40) forty minutes
there are many web designers who are ready to teach you how to build up a blog step by step.

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per work you could be making about 100k per work done, though you can get the job and get an experienced designer to setup the site while you pay him something less while you keep the profit.

ghost writing business

  there are thousands of blog existing on the internet today where the content available on them are not being written by the owner of the blog/website
 a ghost writer is a person who write for blogs/websites without being given credit for writing; though they are being paid for the content they write
 you can become a writer and earn nothing less than 10k per content

blogging business in nigeria

  gracefully, I have a blog where i share thought on what I know which in turn I can start making money from
 you could be making nothing less than 30k for a start which could improve when more effort is being applied
running a blog requires less than 10k yearly
though it might increase when you get you plan ahead
conclusion: with those given list, it is now your turn to get what you had love to do ; go into it and implement what you should
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good luck !
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