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List of high income skills in nigeria




 List of high income skills in nigeria, that is what lots of people are looking forward to get in this era  and I must comment that you are lucky to arrive here since I would be showing you skill that can get you what you really desire

Those skill would need to be mastered by you, so you can start making money off while doing those work for others, with them being listed; I would show you how they work and how to learn those skills, along with resources that can help you learn more on them

So while not take a better look and get one you had love to go for and then go for it.

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You can also get jobs into private companies if you look out for and you can also make the choose of staying on you own

1. Copy writing

Copywriting is the act of writing copies that people would love; copies that can move readers to take action to either purchase a product or service if you write trying to make them buy

It is easy said than done but you can actually do that through serious learning and commitment


There are many resources where you can learn all of that from which would help you understand what people really want

It is very difficult to write copies that sell/copies people would love to read without going to another page, I don't really think I can hold down any readers for that long. That is why you should try this out and by learning to write what people would love to read


2. Seo (search engine optimization)

Seo is simply affecting the search engine in so as to bring in traffic (viewers) in a more simple definition seo is the ability to process a page in other for it to show up on search engine.

Here is a better example: for my blog post to show up for the word "high income skills in nigeria" I have done what it take to show up on search engine and that was what makes you see my result on google page

Most people find that to be difficult since they don't know much about it and with that you can help them solve there problem by doing that for them while in turn pay you for your work

There are lots of resources available online but I would show you some great resource which would show you the complete ins and out of seo in very easy steps .

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3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online method of making money by promoting other people's products or services .

You can start your affiliate marketing journey with or without a website, that word "without a website" might look funny but that is the real truth

Though at the very long run you would have to build up a blog of your own so as to get the best ever

It is simply by applying to promote a product or service, then once approve you take them over to people who would be interested to buy them which makes it :

Apply + promote = commissions

There are many sites available for you to start digging into affiliate marketing and they are: amazon, eBay, shopify, clickbank, rakuten, bluehost, semrush, warrior plus e.t.c

4. Mobile app development

Mobile applications are designed to run on a mobile device,

With the way the world technology is becoming high, most people need app for one thing or the other ; mostly being used by business personnel

With that you can learn to create apps of your own and sell or create app for individual for money

There are lots of places to learn from and they are:


Advice: if you really want to learn to build an app it is more advisable that you learn from experts, (pay to learn)


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5. Programming/coding

Is a computer language used in developing software, apps and websites

Without programming there would have never being technology and we won't have being on any social media or have the chance to read blogs or use our phones since they all run on codes being written by there developers

Many do see coding to be difficult but that is because they are not seriously committed to it.

Coding combile: html, Java, Python, CSS, c language, c++, php, SQL, to complete the form of a programmer

Resources to learn coding from include:

Code academy


6. Blogging

This is the act of writing, photography or media that's self published online; the act of setting up an online journal or diary and letting others read and learn/get informed

And with that you can show or teach on what you know best and then getting paid in return through affiliates, promotions or google adsense

The most important thing about blogging  is to know how it works, and how to create your very own blog and monitize it which ever way you seems fit .

 7. Video animation

Animation simply means the putting together of drawing, layout and turning them into the illusion of movement

A better example available are all types of cartons

Useful resources are:

Apps are: animation creator HD free, stop motion recorder, PicsArt
Sites: voki, zimmer twins, animasher, goanimate, xtranormal

Conclusion: it is time for you to choose which one you had love to into, learn from better resources and practice till it become part of you

Title: high income skills in nigeria

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